Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Wowskies.... just a huge s/o to Rio Gallegos this week!  The people here are sooo different than other places.
Just so you can understand how big our mission is... In the southern part of our mission in Ushuaia there`s 10 feet of snow and is crazy cold..and in the northern most part where i was in Puerto Madryn it is 80 degrees with a breeze!!
Where we are at is just bitter cold and alwaaaaays wet!

I actually am so grateful for this crappy weather though because I was thinking and...cold = people indoors = really warm houses = small houses = families are always close together (physically and figuratively) = a lot of food = happy people = they feel bad for homies outside = we come to their door shivering = they let us in = message = we do our part = they do their part = the Lord does His part = salvation.. :)

There really is not a better feeling than coming home at the end of the day after entering into the houses of people that didn't even know we existed before we knocked on their door.. 

We met a 14 year old stud named Brian who is an amazing soccer player that is so interested in what we share. We talked to the whole family and they asked us a thousand questions about the US and how we could ever give up our lives for 2 years to come to Rio Gallegos, Argentina.  Brian came with us to Sports Night where he showed up a ton of 20 year olds in soccer. 

The greatest thing about being a missionary is that all we do is invite.. We can promise people that they will receive an answer to their prayers.  We can invite them to find out for themselves if the things we teach are true.. It's also a humbling experience because I know how much the gospel will bless their lives but when they don't act I feel like I'm failing.. That`s the key to the whole Plan.. Every person has the ability to choose and their happiness in this life and the life to come are direct consequences of the choices they make now.  
So might as well choose to be happy right??:) WE HAVE THE CHOICE!!

Still happy and excited to work and to share the good word!

Love all yall! 
Elder Lamb

Pics..Im sending tons!!  Last week we did service for 11 hours one day building the house of our branch president.. so AWESOME!! I love doing service too much!

The other photo was leaving that night and the Branch Pres Flores had his dog and was like ... Elder Lamb can you drive home and ill chill with the dog in the back?? YES SIR!! been a Minute since ive drove and boy do i miss it!! #tooconvenient

Then we went hard in the painting game for another hermano in the branch with another companionship of missionaries! This is the hermano that would do ANYTHING for us! He's the one who hooked it up with the boots and the work suit (just wait till you see this work suit).

Pic 1.. painting crew

Pic 2... Conversation heading home last week ... me: "Scogin.. we don´t have jack to eat tonight..." 
Elder Scogin: "Bro i think we have an old soup packet!"
get to the pensh.. Soup packet expired in 2013..
Me: "Is it still sealed?"   "ya fue lets eat it.."

pic 3.. Our district presidents son Leandro who just turned twelve and has special needs.. I`ll miss this kid so much.. and he chose to get the priesthood! Such an amazing kid!! 

This dope Chilean moved to the branch and dos a fitness night every tuesday where he just wrecks us doing p90x type of stuff.. so much fun! Not a whole lot of coordination down here haha