Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Como estan??!!! This week has flown by!!!!! i can't believe i can already email again!!!!! Thank you so much for the packages!! Everything is amazing!!!!!! The gift of tongues is so real its inseane! My spanish is progressing everyday!!! i should be fluent by the time i leave the MTC.. atleast thats what our teachers are telling me! It was really hard to hear Reegan was sick! But D&C 31 reassured me that the best place for me to be if a family member is sick is right here! I talked about her a lot on sunday during our meeting and challenged everybody to work harder and forget themselves.  We are all here on the Lord's time. Not ours. There has been so many people praying for her and showing me support which has been breathtaking.  The huge samoan Elder Maluia is one of the nicest humans to ever walk this earth and he was/is so supportive and genuinely caring.  Along with everyone else in our zone.  It's crazy how much we love the little things.  When i opened up those tennis balls it was like Christmas to everyone here!!!!!
Dad, that video is so sick!!! Its kinda crazy you sent me that because they just unlocked youtube last week!! oh and volleyball is the funnest game ever!! its soooo much fun and competitive!!! the rallies go on forever and there's some amazing talent.
The man who is the boss over all the teachers sat in on one of our 4 hour lessons.  He didn't say a word and we had no idea who he was.  We had a great lesson. About 3/4 in spanish and 1/4 in english.  But at the very end we were about to leave and he told me and Elder Olsen to stay behind for a second.  He then went on to tell us how he couldn't believe how mature we were and how impressed he was that we could talk to well and behave so maturely already.  He said i sounded like a veteran and he knows that he'll never have to worry about us.  He then went on to chew our older district out for acting like they were in high school haha.  
Brother Monson is INSANE.  he knows EVERY scripture!! and he's all about the spirit of the law not the letter so when it comes to little rules and stuff he'e like... you know how to act so just do whats right.  for fun we'll just start reading a random scripture and he knows exactly where it is.  He is all about my Cole Haans, and he has a few pairs himself that are so sick!! But one thing he said really stuck with me.  He talks for hours and hours but he is so wise and smart your brain is about to explode after and i try and take everything in!! He talked about how Christ washed the feet of all His disciples.  He told us how in the scriptures He did it to be an example.  Then Brother Monson said that that is completely false.  He didn't do it to be an example but He did it because that is who He is!! That is the type of man He is!! His whole life and existence is devoted to serving others!!!! And that's how im striving to build my character! To do what's right because that's who i am!
Tell Christine Neeleman thank you so much!!!!! i wrote them a letter thanking them but i want you to tell her too! i hope all is doing well and pray that Reegs is doing good! I'll write you this week probably and i loved getting the Dear Elders!! those are the best!!!!!
estoy agradecido por ustedes y yo se que Jesucristo nos ama y quierre nos ser feliz:)
The Holy Ghost truly is the most wonderful thing in the world and im so grateful for it's influence! 
Hasta luego,

Elder Lamb

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


que pasa!!??? the first week has been great!!! my companion is Elder Olsen from Washington! He's pretty chill. kinda annoying but we are getting so much done!  I didn't realize that i was going to be on the west campus.  But it's amazing!!! We have an apartment all to ourself with a kitchen and bathroom.  i have a walk in closet!! haha i know how to pretty much talkk in spanissh completely already.  My teacher said i will be fluent in spanish by the time i leave and apparently that's unheard of here!  I LOVE TO LEARN!!!!!!!!! the second day here we had to teach an investigator a lesson completely in spanish and we spent 15 minutes just talking only in spanish.  After 4 days we gave a lesson completely in spanish..not one word in english.. and it lasted half an hour! I'm picking it up so fast! and its all because of the Lord!!!!!  The spirit is soooooooo strong all the time!  I am so grateful for everything!!  The food is pretty bomb.  you just keep eating!! i can definitely see myself gaining something.  I try and work out every morning because my companioin is all about it but i definitely skip leg days.  My second day i was assigned district leader so sundays are just meetings upon meetings!!
Today we went to the temple and my emotions were crazy once i went to the celestial room.  i promised so many people in Argentina that i would bring hem the gospel and im itching to get there!! 
We hang out with the COOLEST guys.  They're our zone leaders and we're always with them!! One is a massive kid from Bingham who had a full ride o BYU as a center.  The other is a 350 pound Samoan who is so sweet!!!!!!! The samoans and tongans are truly the NICEST people!!
I have seen Dan twice now! they bus all of us from the west campus to main campus on Sundays and Tuesdays for devotionals and its AMAZING!!! The speakers speak so much differently when they are talking to only missionaries.  So much more straight forward and authoritative and i love it!!!! Do i feel like i should be here 6 weeks? nope!!! haha but its all good.  this girl recognized me from AZ and ill send a picture i took of us.  turns out she went to basha but remembered me when i moved.  she dated Chinchin for a little bit.
Dan is loving it as well!!!! 
I sure do miss you guys and have been praying about you guys so much!!
Since Elder Olsen and i are the only one in intermediate spanish we have all one on one with our teacher.  It's so nice when we have a teacher but there's been a few days where 8 out of the 12 hours a class its just me and Elder Olsen. and he always wants to do companion stuff and i just want to read the Book of Mormon by myself! so thats the only reason he's annoying.. and he has to pee every 2 seconds i swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
we are sooooooo lucky to have President Monson's nephew and his wife as our counselor to our President!! He looks and talks EXACTLY like President Monson!  He goes on for hours about stories!! And then we have President Bradford who is an older guy thats nice but kinda a grouch ha and we have Brother and Sister Durfey who are sooooo nice!!  So the second day we were here the six of them (President Bradford and his wife, the Monsons and the Dufeys) all sat down with me and my companion in this TINY room. Talk about just throwing us in there.  They all talked about their lives then had us talk about our lives and bear our testimonies.  It must be the spirit of being on a mission or something but they were all crying and it was such a small room!! i was crying!! haaa it was amazing.  turns out our testimonies were a tryout to speak to see who was going to be district leader so about 5 minutes later Brother Monson asked if i'd be willing.  Of course!!!!!!
We get an hour a day to work out or go play basketball and volleyball.  And we play volleyball!  I thought it would be lame because kids wouldn't take it serious but i couldn't have been more wrong!! Its soooooooooooo much fun!!!!! and so  competitive!!! And the girls are unreal!!!! 
no se que decir!! oh!! can you get Christian Chinchen and Zach Donavans email?  and send any snacks!! and my glove!!!!!!!!!!! and a ball!! and a tennis ball!!! or a couple!!! 
i heard monday was the Negroe Day and it made me realize i was in Las Vegas last year!!!!! i miss that like crazy!! and an IPod!!!!!!!!! i dont care what kiind but just load any music on it! and load the disneyy music on it!!  We have a lot more freedom than main campus.  There are so many sisters! the Lord really is hastening His work!! I saw that Calea Bagley girl and that was pretty cool. 
Tie trading is huge here and i have the hottest ones on the market after my zone leader.  They treat it like they're dealing drugs its hilarious!! I JUST WANT TO GET OUT AND TEACH!!!!!!!! i like it here but its killing me that i am not in Argentina!! 

I love this gospel and i love everyone back home!  feel free to send me some dear elders!!!! its so easy and its same day! i got one from Bishop Hansen and it made my day!! Show Reegs how to! Well yup thats all from me! ill send a letter this week! Oh! dear elder me and give me Rob and Lisa's address!!!!!!
I thought it was going to be a lot more strict so thats awesome!!! Im working my butt off though and its already paying off!!!! i am learning so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i rarely speak english! just typing im tempted to type in spanish!!!!!! gosh its such a beautiful language!!!!!!!! im so grateful for the Holy Ghost! estoy agredecado por el espiritu santo!! estoy agredecido por el Dios y su expiacion!! i want to be the best!!! i can wait to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and i love that shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Called to Serve- Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission