Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 25, 2014- Quiero vivir en Ushuaia:)

This past week has been AMAZING!!  Milagros was finally baptized!!  It's going to be hard to leave! I love that family so much! Her parents are so supportive! They don't have very much money but Milagro's dad did whatever he could to have a suit for her baptism!  We had their close friend and our amazing mission leader Hermano Alvarado baptize her which was awesome!!

So yesterday in celebration of this mission being 1 year's old we went to Ushuaia! I am obsessed! The most southern city in the world.. super super cold but AMAZING!! We went on this huge boat to visit some sites that were unreal! I took more pictures that I'll send:)  Tres and I are having a ton of fun and it's the best having him here to have all these memories with!!

Oh and Argentina is CRAZY about the world cup.  While they're playing everything is shut down and it's impossible to visit anyone haha and when they win the streets are filled with cars and marching fans honking their horns and freaking out! I just hope they keep winning! The states are playing good as well. Too bad they can't play defense for just a minute longer! 

Elder Lamb

Sea Lions!! So many sea lions it's insane!!!! They weren't scared at all either. They would swim right up to the boat and play in the wake from behind. Look up lobos marinos on google images.  My picture doesn't do justice. They are a South American sea lion and we saw hundreds!

These are the missionaries in the zone of Rio Grande! Last week before transfers. I don't want to leave this zone! So many good memories and people! 

Milagro's Baptism

Gotta take some advantage of an outdoor big screen;)  Argentina is CRAZY about soccer!! They are doin work too! They're not huge Messi fans which is surprising but it's kinda like Lebron to them.  Gotta respect him but not everyone likes him. 


Me and Elder Tarwater.  Apparently this light house is super super famous but it was super old and hyped up too much haha but it was still sweet.  Crazy cool history about this place that's very interesting.

Tres and Hermana Heath from Utah! Whenever we get together we talk about the food back home and how convenient everything was haha I love it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The mud life:) June 16, 2014

I LOVE ZACH HAWS!!!! Bro that is easily the second best mish in the
game right now!!! Legit you are going to LOVE it!!!!

I love hearing about the softball reegs! Keep doin work!

So this week has been awesome!  We talked to Milagro yesterday and
asked her if she's still excited to be baptized even though it got
pushed back a little bit and she's literally counting the days till
her new date which is this coming week!

I just wrote in my weekly letter to President that I would not be mad
at all if he wanted to keep me in Rio Grande for another transfer haha
I don't want to leave these people here!! So many Christ-like people
it's insane!

I have to share this experience we has with Ramón.  His house is made
out of ply-wood.  He has no money to feed his little animals and birds
as well as himself.  He is going through some struggles and addictions
that we're helping him with and have made a game plan with him for him
to overcome.  Anyways we were at his house Saturday night and we
didn't have lunch and probably weren't going to have dinner.  Ramón
had someone come over while we were there who was going to buy 3 of
his birds.  Ramón had 4 pesos which is like 50 cents and after he sold
his birds he had 300 pesos which is like 40 dollars.  He went right
then and there and bought onions, tomatoes, garlic, hamburgers, bread,
fruit, snickers bars (i didn't even know they sold those here!) and
sunflower seeds. I was practically begging him to keep it all for
himself and eat it throughout the week but he wouldn't let us.  He
told us we can't not eat or just eat noodles and fed us there and sent
us home with food... I just started crying saying the prayer leaving
his house.  I couldn't believe there are people this giving!  Any time
he has a tiny bit of money he calls us over to have lunch or dinner!
It's easy to see now how half the priesthood in our ward is because of

Georgina is my grandma out here and she ALWAYS hooks us up with so
much food as soon as we walk through her door! I am SO BLESSED to know
these people and they have forever changed my life.

I think i saw a picture of Eli actually doing work... the mission has
changed him;)

Elder Lamb

2 colorados estan caminando todo lado en el fin del mundo... extraño.... haha
Me and Elder Hervey

Love IT!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014- Penguinos!!!!!!!!!

So glad we went ice skating so much before I left...really getting the
form down.  haha

This week has been amazing!! We committed to do something at the
beginning of the week..we said we were going to talk to everyone we
saw about the gospel and ask if we could help them in any way with it
being so cold here!  We ended up talking to 151 different people this
week about the goepel and asked if we could help them.  Most of them
said no thanks their good but a few invited us in their homes to hear
a message about Jesus Christ.  We were able to meet so many AMAZING

We had Milagro's baptism all ready to go for last Saturday at 5 but at
3 that same day the father of our mission leader died.  He is like
Milagro's idol and she only wanted him to baptize her and he took the
first plane to Buenos Aires so we are going to wait till we get back.
Poor guy.. his father had been sick for some time now and he needed to
be with his mom.  She will be baptized soon so that's awesome. She's
still the greatest.

Mom don't send me a package with stuff for here.  I will be switching
areas at the end of this month and I don't think it will get here in

We honestly come home dead exhausted every night because we just love
working and trying to talk to everyone.  We were blessed with food
this week as well.  Twice we had Milanesa and they were monsters.
This food is so good it's killing me!

This truly is the Lord's work and I am so grateful to be a part of it.


Yes yes we did see penguins while we were walking today by the
ocean...and yup I want one as a pet here!!

Everything is FROZEN!!

The food is AMAZING!

Brockton was asked to write an email to him home ward, Highland 38th
Ward, as a spotlight this month.  This is what he wrote:

Whaddup Ward!

Elder Lamb here reporting from the bottom of the world.  This mission
is the most southern mission and yes.... it is very cold.  Nothing a
couple layers can't fix!  I am currently in Rio Grande..an island that
faces the ocean.

I have been out for over 4 months but I have already learned so much!
The first thing I have learned is how we need to be so grateful for
everything we have back home.

I am in a poorer area and it is a good day if these people have water
they can use.  During the night everything freezes and all the pipes
are frozen so water is simply not an option at times.
These amazing member's here have to save up money for years to be able
to go to the temple just one time.  It is about a two week or more
journey by bus or an extremely expensive plane ticket to travel to the
temple in Buenos Aires.

I have also learned the true importance of the Priesthood and the
blessings of a worthy priesthood holder can have in the home.  There
are so many blessing that come from being a worthy Priesthood holder!

I have learned to LOVE SERVICE!  I thought I liked it before the
mission but now I love it so much.  Always look for ways to serve
others.  Anything!  The times when I feel like I am really trying to
be like Christ is not when I ask somebody to hear the gospel and then
when they say no to walk away but when I am sincerely asking them if I
can help them with their yard work and to help them grow their
testimony in our Savior.

In Elder Uchtdorf talk he talks about the man that slept through the
revolution of America and then Elder Uchtdorf asked us if we are
sleeping through the Restoration.  We need to be doing everything we
can to help this work progress.  Living back home we have the blessing
of being close to so many temples!  We need to take advantage.  There
are members down here that are amazing and after 10 years still have
not had the opportunity to attend the temple because the island we are
on is so expensive to leave.

Take advantage of what we have at home and be careful not to take it
for granted.  The Priesthood is the power to act in the name of
Christ.  This is what separates us from everyone else!!

I am so grateful for everyone back home!  I miss going to church in a
chapel.  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!  I love the
people here and I love being an instrument in the hands of my Savior.
D&C 18:10 the worth of EVERY soul is great in the eyes of the Lord.
(idk the exact translation from spanish)

Thank you for all the support!!!!  Feel free to write me!!
Elder Lamb

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014- BARRO!!!!!!

Barro is mud and there is sooooooo much of it here... I LOVE IT!!!

So this was the first full week with my new red headed comp Elder
Hervey from Missouri.  We are already like brothers!!! He's like a
true hipster long board and into art kind of guy but so funny and we
go to work!! We crushed the whole mission in contacts this week
because we literally talked with everyone we saw about this gospel!
ha 115 different people we talked to in 6 days! It makes the days fly
by when you can have so much fun sharing this gospel.

Milagro's is AMAZING!! She's 11 and is truly deciding to be baptized
because she knows she needs to be to live with Heavenly Father and
truly is the best example to her family.  They told her that if she is
going to get baptized then she needs to go to church every week,  she
needs to marry someone in the temple, and she needs to teach her kids
everything about thie church and always be strong in the gospel.  Her
parent's will be baptized and married in the temple some day!  It
would be a lot easier if there were a temple within a week long bus
ride! But thats why we're here!  Our goal is to have a temple in the
Patagonia and little by little it's starting to progress.  That's why
the news that my area might become a stake is such a big deal! That's
all the member's are talking about! Gosh it makes me sick thinking
about all the temples that are in a days trip up there in the states.

It has rained all week and I literally have mud up to my knee's.
We're on an island so the ground is super soft and you just sink in
top the mud and at night we can't see anything so we're basically
swimming in mud haha.  I really don't want to leave this area!  I only
have four more weeks here and I'm gone and that is just terrible!

I LOVE sharing my testimony!  My spanish is improving so much because
my comps spanish is lacking a little bit haha so I now have to
translate for him sometimes when two weeks ago it was Elder Salas
helping me! It really does prove though the importance of the Holy
Ghost because without that we wouldn't have any success!  We are going
to be having some wedding's coming up and I talked with President and
he said we could have them in the church!

Ramón shared his testimony yesterday at church so that was unreal! and
he said I could take home a puppy of his best dog when I go home so
that's awesome just coming back to the states with a dog!!:)

That's so awesome to hear about Reegan and the softball team! Bummer
to hear that AF lost.  Bart!! I've told everyone that I have a homie
coming here in the summer!! haha bring some ear muffs and a nice
coat!! maybe throw in some ear muffs for ya boy too haha.  Ya it is
all sorts of cold down here but it's all good!! After the mission I'm
bringin the family back here for sure!! I'm praying for all of
you:)))))))) LIFE IS GOOD:):)

Elder Lamb

Psyche this is definitely a cross that we found at the very highest
point of our area:) some burial thing as well.

The rains are coming.


May 26, 2014-Austral Reppin (20 Weeks)

May 26, 2014

Austral Reppin

What is up? HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARDING!! I was able to talk about Harding
to this family that lost their baby girl as well and the spirit was so
incredibly strong! She really is helping so much!!

This week has been super weird.  So Elder Salas left on Monday right?
so i was supposed to get my new companion on tuesday but the homie
forgot his passport 20 hours away............ so he couldn't cross
chile....so he couldn't come down to the end of the world...... so i
was stuck with the zone leader till friday.  It was good though
because it made me learn a lot about myself. I am so grateful I don't
need numbers to motivate me.  The zone leaders care too much about
numbers and don't teach people to help them progress but to write down
in their weekly report that they taught a lesson.  I truly do LOVE the
opportunity to just give service and teach people about how they can
have eternal salvation.

Anyways, my new comp Elder Hervey came and he only has 2 transfers
ahead of me and he is a red head from Missouri.  haha we are gettin
some strange looks on the streets.  Oh and my spanish is better than
his which is a problem.  haha We literally have investigator's without
teeth!! How the heck are we supposed to talk on the phone and teach
these guys when my native comp could barely understand them.  That's
where the Lord comes in.  He has already helped us so much.  And my
spanish is actually improving because I have to really take the lead
with the lessons and all the communication.

deal!!  We just need people to start paying their tithing... which is
A LOT easier said than done.  I only have 5 more weeks in this area
and I'm dreading the day when i have to leave! Who knew there was such
AMAZING people living at the bottom of the globe.  like you probably
have to pick up the globe to see where these people are hahaha.  We
have to couples that said they would get married last week!!!!!! haha
i couldn't handle another day being out of my area with the zone
leaders last week so i called Elder Tarwater and told him to help me
out in my area and we were able to teach together - i love my area! It

Yup that's about it!
Thank you for everything!

Elder Lamb
P.S. every monday us Americans get a little patriotic and make
something from back home.  Hermana Heath made grilled cheese
sandwhiches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My
happiness level was dangerous! I love you mom for making me them every
night!!!!!! I miss the food back home!!!

Hermana Heath, Elder Tarwater and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches