Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014- Casi ganamos...casi..pero no

What is up!! So this week has been great other than the fact that Argntina lost:( The country goes on straight shutdown during the game.  Not a person even thinking about being outside.  Well, we made it to the final and lost to Alemania again!!! Legit the first time in the mission I've been scared... haha people were sooo mad!! President said we couldn't leave our pensions all day Sunday except for church which I being a big white red head was definitely a supporter. 

Our pension is in the backyard of the coolest old couple in the world so they invited us over to watch the game.  Other missionaries in our area found out we were watching the game and a couple minutes later 6 missionaries were outside the door. It was a good time.

Saturday we did the coolest thing.  We had a Capilla Abierta!!  It's just like open house for the temple but for our church.  I definitely had my doubts about doing it thinking nobody was going to come and if they did come inside what they were going to do and see but it turned out so much better than we planned.  The ward was amazing and all the organizations in the church had their rooms set up with their leaders.  We had the baptismal font open and missionaries there to explain to people about baptism.  de diez enserio. We had the help of 10 missionaries and all the youth of the ward.  We did the open house from 3 in the afternoon till 7:30 at night.  We went on divisions with the youth and I was so impressed.  We talked to everyone and we had over 60 people come into the church to check it out.  I learned something amazing by doing this as well.  The spirit of the sacrament room is unreal.  We would lead people on a tour of all the classes and all the different things we do and then we'd go to the sacrament room and talk about the sacrament.  The spirit was so incredibly strong every time and we were able to see that these people wanted to be a part of this church!!
Torres family.  The family that is going to be baptized that told us last week that they wanted to be baptized the day after they get married because the original plan was a week after they got married but they said themselves that they knew Satan was going to work hard on them that week after they are married.  We went over to their house today and they just keep becoming more amazing.  Now they want to get married in the morning and be baptized later that same day!! Then the dad bore his testimony of the temple and said no matter what it takes even if they have to sell everything he's traveling to the temple.
Oh ya, all the youth here started their travel to the temple yesterday and arrived recently.  They are going to be doing baptisms for all their family members that have passed and of those in the ward for 5 days.  Brother Casper, that we live behind, told us tonight that he had to sell his car to be able to take his family to the temple for the first time as well as this man in our ward who had been married 22 years but had yet to be sealed to his wife and children until last year.  Sooo yesss i do hope you feel guilty we have it so easy back in the states and GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! no but seriously I'm being humbled down here and I'm loving it:)
I love this gospel so much.

We found two puppies last week that need a home so if you know anyone in Patagonia give us a call. Thanks:)

Elder Lamb

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014- COMODORO!!!

USA USA USA!! I love America so much it's insane!!! There's a WalMart here!!! No doubt we celebrated the 4th in WalMart!! :)

Yes i am now in Comodoro Rivadavia!  My comp is Elder Garcia from Colombia.  Way sick guy!  Loves to work!  I am as far south as you can go in this city so it's nice but super ghetto in areas. 

The people here have more money than my last area and it's weird getting used to that. On the boat ride here we saw dolphins and sea lions and I had to travel by myself because I am so illegal right now.  I had to wait an extra day in Rio Grande so i left Tuesday.  While traveling I met a guy that was born in Argentina but moved to Florida when he was 15.  He still lives there and he is 30 now but he wanted to backpack all of Argentina.  It was so weird to share with him the gospel in english!!! I haven't done that yet!! 

So the member's here are unreal!!  We always get someone in the ward to come and help us teach!  A big chapel and everything...it's the real deal!!!  We did family home evening last night at a member's house and we had about 15 youth and kids.  I was so stunned!!!
Oh ya last night we got robbed at knife point... naw jk.  Well he tried to rob us but there's no way I'm giving up my camera and stuff.  My companion had been robbed already before I got here and the other missionaries in our ward were robbed of everything last week walking in the street in the middle of the day.  I saw it coming though and my first thought was that i thought it was a joke.  It was a skinny 16 or 17 year old who had this big old knife and told us to give us our stuff.  My comp just took off running and he started walking to me so I started walking to him then he tried to scare me off pointing the knife at me then picked up a rock - so I did the same and just chucked it as hard as I could.  After that he ran away. It was honestly hilarious!
We live in the nicest pension!! It's a little house behind a member's home and it is super nice!! The member's are about 60 and are the most amazing people ever!! Their name is Brother and Sister Castro.  Brother Castro was so glad I didn't give the kid that tried to rob us anything.  They always give us food and the ward has assigned days throughout the month!

Well I have to buy a new memory card because mine has a stupid virus so no pictures this week.

Con amor,

Elder Lamb

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30- hasta luego Rio Grande:(

June 30, 2014

This has been such a bittersweet week!  It's official...my first area has come and gone:(  Rio Grande has treated me too well!!  It was so hard to say goodbye to all these people I absolutely love!!! All the families in the branch weren't even the hardest..it was the investigator's and random people we found that kills me to leave!

I got my new assignment and I'm headed to Comodoro Rivadavia!  I'm excited but it's like a completely different mission.  I'm so accustomed to the mud and the poverty and the people here and now I'm going to a ward...yes an actual ward! I'm super excited for that! I leave tomorrow and it will be a two day trip.

So on Friday we did a talent show with our branch and it was sooo funny.  It was a pretty good turnout and us missionaries did a skit and danced with our mission leader.  haha we all dressed up in random stuff and no doubt I scored some sweet boxing shorts.
Another amazing thing happened... Milagros was blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and the primary teacher didn't show up so I taught their class.  She is so cute and quiet and is honestly a little angel.  She asked if she could share something and I was like uhhh ya!!!!  She opened up her Book of Mormon and shared scriptures about baptism and the holy ghost that she had marked throughout the week!  I was so stunned!  Then we did a practice missionary lesson and we asked her and this other girl in the ward to be the missionaries and Elder Hervey and I were going to be investigators.  Ya well after they taught about Joseph Smith Elder Hervey and I just looked at each other and agreed that they should be teaching us haha so impressive how much wisdom she has already!!
Well if the states and Argentina both win their next game they play each other so that's awesome!! President Rogers sent every missionary an Argentina jersey with the mission logo on the back!! Soooo sick!!
Mom and dad..you guys have been talked about a lot this week and everyone is so thankful that you raised me the way you did.. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
The mission is all about goodbyes in every aspect but we're helping them to have eternal hellos.

Thanks for all the support:)
Con amor,
Elder Lamb

Me and Elder Tarwater -  in our Argentina Jerseys

Last day in Rio Grande

It's sooooo cold!

I love this area.  So poor but so wonderful.