Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014- #Primero!!!!


Yoooo so ya this has been the longest week ever!!!!!!!! It was too
good to see the fam on Mother's Day.  Elder Tarwater just told me it
was last week? No wayyy haha seems like forever ago!

opportunity to baptize him.  He is the little dominican boy that we
have been teaching.  He honestly is the coolest kid in the
world!!!!!!!!  We asked him why he wants to be baptized and he said
because he doesn´t want to say bad words anymore or fight with his
siblings. haha he's so sick! It was kinda sad though.  His parents
didn't even come to the baptism.  He came with his older brother
that's 13 and his older sister that's 11 and his neighbor friend.
He's 9 years old.  Honestly he knows 100000000 times more about the
gospel than I did at his age.  He knows the covenant he just made.  He
truly knows!! I am so grateful to know him! We were able to have a
couple investigator's come to the baptism as well so that was perfect.
The members of the ward helped out and we were able to have about 25
people come....well 12 of them were missionaries in our area but still
ha it was nice to have some seats filled.

I gave him that tie that Christine Neeleman sent me and he LOVES it!
PERFECT size! Little clip on green tie!

Today is transfers and Elder Salas has a 24 hour bus ride ahead of him
to Trelew! I was with him for 2 transfers and not gonna lie he didn't
teach me too much but the fact that he didn't speak english helped a
ton haha.  My new comp hasn't arrived yet so I'm with Elder Tarwater
till tomorrow so that's awesome! Elder Salas did give me a River
jersey and it's toooooooo sick! Brand new and my size!

I realized yeserday how hard it is going to be to leave this area!  I
have such amazing true friends here! Tomas, Georgina, Ramón, Eury,
Ezequil, my mission leader, all the families in the ward...all the
menos activos that we visit! It's going to be so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
could honestly stay in this area for two years and would be pumped.
All mud...all ice...i literally have mud up past my knees! I can't
walk out of the cabin unless I have my boots on!

So my new comp is gringo as well.  Apparently i know more spanish than
him so this shall be interesting when we teach the homies that don't
have teeth!

Pray for Ramón if you can.  He needs some encouragement to keep
progressing! His spirit is so strong!

I have learned that the spirit really is everything.  There are some
missionaries that only teach for the numbers and I honestly feel bad
for the people they teach!! I know that when we have the spirit as we
teach it's Heavenly Father working through us.  When we talk about His
son and the incomprehensible sacrifice that he gave for each and every
single person that has ever lived and will ever live we NEED to have
the Spirit with us!  I LOVE being a missionary for what the definition
is.  We represent Jesus Christ.  As a member of this church we
represent Jesus Christ! Service is the best way I have found to thank
Him just a little.

Elder Lamb

p.s. Eury's last name is Cordero... which is Lamb in castellano....so
we're cousins.

Our zone with our dope t shirts that we had made! They have our
mission symbol with a temple and our names on the back!


May 12, 2014

What is up everyone? So ya yesterday was the best day every.  I LOVED
being able to see the fam and talk to you guys.  It's crazy that I've
been gone for 4 months!  Seeing everyone makes me want to work even
harder.  I have been so blessed and these people here can have that
same happiness to know that families are forever!

Not too much to talk about because I shared most of it yesterday haha
but I just want everyone to know that life is gooooooood.  We found
some more people to teach and they seem to be golden so we'll see.

So Ramón asked us to come over Saturday night.  We came over and he
just started crying.  He told us he found two jobs for sunday and he
accounted it to our prayers.  He read us a talk for an old conference
about the power of a testimony and talking to everyone.  This
missionary once talked to this little boy on the street and gave him a
Book of Mormon with his testimony inside.  The missionary didn't get
the boy's direction and never contacted him after.  Well this little
boy read the Book of Mormon and used the missionary's testimony as a
big part of his conversion.  The little boy was not allowed to be
baptized because of his parent's.  Then years later this boy was in
the military.  Times were tough and he remembered the words in the
Book of Mormon so he decided to pray.  He felt an overwhelming feeling
to be baptized so he left right then and searched for missionaries on
the street.  He finally found them at a fast food restaurant and was
baptized later that week.  He spent years trying to contact that
missionary who previously gave him the Book of Mormon when he was a
little boy and eventually he found him.  He told him it was because of
his testimony that he was converted and now he has a family of his own
in the church his kids are striving to serve missions as well.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. We have so much to offer to
this world.  Never take what we have for granted:):):)

S/O to Garrison for headin to Germany! You're right.. it does seem
like yesterday when i was whoopin up on you, Alec, and Eli in 2k.

S/o to Reegs for puttin the team on her back in softball!!! hahaha
that's awesome! It's gotta be better than basketball!!

Have a good week:)
Elder Cordero:)

Friday, May 9, 2014

May 5, 2014, EL FIN DEL MUNDO!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNNER!!! 17!! what the heck?? i felt like i was so old
when i turned 17 haha 1 year you can serve!! how crazy is that!!!

So this week has been a definite testimony builder! We had a meeting
with Elder Gonzalez of the 70 on Thursday and that was AMAZING!!!!!
The meeting was in Ushaia which is the mission just south of ours.  I
know...you probably didn't think we could go any more south...but we
did.  The area/city is called Ushaia (ooshwya) haha.

So turns out Argentina is super beautiful.  It is literally the end of
the world hence the El fin del mundo.  The mountains are beyond
description and the city is so beautiful.  There is a lot of money
there but the people are still pretty chill.

I love Sister Rogers.  Every time our mission president's wife talks
it makes me miss mom because her analogies and her "cute" ways to
convey a point is hilarious and so spiritual.  She gave us all a
little card that has a ship in the storm in it and it says "a ship is
safe at the port but that is not the purpose of a ship."

The mission is tough at times but that's how it's supposed to be! I
miss the security and a lot of things back home but that's not where
I'm supposed to be.  President shared how he was very worried about a
lot of the missionaries in our mission and was struggling a little bit
with this.  Then his son reminded him of all the people praying for
him back home and all the support he had and that helped a ton.  I was
thinking about that as well and I am so grateful for the support I
have back home.
I met a missionary this week whose parents don't talk to him anymore
and he has no support.  that would be so hard.

We have a little investigator Milagros who i have been talking about.
She is the only member of her family that comes to church.  She wakes
up before everyone in her house.  Makes herself breakfast and waits in
the car for one of her parents to drop her off at church.  She is
going to be baptized this week or next week.  Depends on another
investigator we have.

I want these people to have a temple sooooooooooo bad.  So many
members are missing out on a temple marriage and it's so sad!!! It
makes me sick that I had so many temples to ride a bike to and these
people have to save up for years just for the travel!!!!!!


oh ya i get to skype the fam next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a
skype account and I'll make one as well then next week I'll email you
for your account and on Sunday at around 3 o'clock here we'll skype!

Love you all,
Elder Lamb

p.s. Everytime we pray with a catholic they repeat everything we say
and I was in tears I was laughing so hard with one of our
investigator´s who after everything was saying Gracas Jesus and like
chanting throughout the prayer.  Good stuff down at the end of the
world...good stuff.

We know how to make that good bread (Elder Tarwater). / the hair is
goooooone:( never easy saying goodbye.......

I'm no Dan McCombie but i thought this pic was pretty dope.... im
standing in Argentina and those mountains way back there are in

Ushuaia is sooooo sick! Takin the family here after the mish for sure:)

While our boys are serving in Argentina we ran into each other at BYU
Women's Conference 2014:  Mission Mom's Jill Tarwater & Corie Lamb