Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, March 31, 2014


Wow the days are starting to all blur together.  I was looking through
my journal and realized a lot happened this week.

First of all, i have a new appreciation for Mission President´s and
their wives.  Oh my goodness they have to deal with a lot of
stuff...ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  haha On Tuesday we had interviews with
President and Sister Rodgers.  Not gonna lie, I was beyond excited to
finally talk to them.  My area is so far south they had to fly halfway
here then take a 8 hour bus ride.  Like i feel like I can see
Antarctica.  The interviews were an all day process.  We did a bunch
of practice work on how to ask people to be baptized and i loved it.
I wish my companion would like it though.

Anyways...President was a big fan of my Cole Haans.  And yes..it was
the first time i took them out of the suitcase haha.  We talked a lot
about everything and it has motivated me to work even harder.  He has
a lot of trust in me and see´s me in a leadership position soon.
Sister Rodgers met with everyone as well.  Bless her heart.  She is so
nice but lays down the law as well! haha She´s more scary than
President.  She asked about the family and i just lost it. haha I
thought i appreciated you guys before the mission but now it´s unreal.
I told her how much mom and dad sacrificed to have the amazing
upbringing we have and had.  This also motivated me as well.

Elder Salas didn´t know what was about to hit him.  haha we went to
work this week!  I am so grateful for the area I'm in.  It's super
poor and there are only two options for work.  You either work in the
fabricas which are like the mass produced electronics on a conveyer
line system or in construction.  One of the main fabricas just moved
to another location so there are soooo many people without work.  Way
sad.  So basically everyone does construction in some way.  So
basically,  there is a lot of opportunity for service.

The only baptisms we have scheduled are the people i just went up and
asked to help dig a hole or place their fence.  I love it.  The
language is progressing every day and I´m so grateful.  Everyone has a
different accent and words they use to it still takes time to adjust
to certain people but when they talk normal i can understand

I also found out this week that we were supposed to be doing a 12 week
new missionary program between Elder Salas and I.  When President
asked me about it I kinda just looked at him and was like ya I have no
idea what that is.  He just laughed and said don´t worry about it.  I
guess in the plan the new missionary doesn´t ask someone to be
baptized till the 6 week i think.  haha there´s no way i could have
waited 6 weeks.

Miracle:  Juan Carlos came to church again! and a menos activo
familia!  We were on our way to church and then we got a text from a
new investigator asking if she could come to church!!!!!!!!! haha we
started running to the church to find someone to drive us to her house
to pick up her and her son!  I took a picture of the moment haha i
almost cried i was so happy.

We also had to teach Tomas about the Law of Chastity and he has a
girlfriend for 3 years.  He was like pumped.  She moved out and he
said he would obey.  This 9 year old in the ward who´s family is less
active wants to be baptized! He´s so sick. His name is Eury and his
family is from the Dominican Republic.

Elder Salas sets the goals for the month and gives them so the zone
leaders.  I thought he was setting goals for the week!! Definitely
switched some numbers.  WE ARE TO GO TO WORK THIS MONTH!!

Oh also one of our investigators made just for me a ton of empanadas!
I'll send a picture but seriously i couldn't breathe after.  Her name
is Georgina and she is like 60 and a saint!! We always teach somebody
new in her house because she is friends with EVERYONE!!!! Her only
setback is that she thinks church is in her heart so getting her to
attend church is a pain!  If i ever come back to this country i'd
visit her first!

Oh how did i almost forget.. Boca and River played last night!  This
is the second biggest rivalry in sports history and i can see why!
Elder Salas is River and I'm for Boca.  River is Red and White and
reminds me of the Yankee's because of all their money and appearance.
Boca is blue and yellow and just tough!  Yesterday sucked because
everyone and their dog (literally) were watching the game.  River won
so that sucked but Elder Salas was pumped and everyone else in the
streets freaking out.

Gosh the more i read about Alma the more I'm amazed!  He worked his
butt off for his whole life after he was converted.  Even when he was
very old and he wasn't planning on going out with his sons to preach
he was "wrestless" and had to go out and serve.  That's the qualities
i want to have!  Jesus Christ atoned for every single persons sins and
unless these people know that and repent then that pain that Jesus
went through for them is all for naught!

I love being a missionary!  It didn't hit me till i got here how long
24 months are but i'm gonna make them count! I think of what Coach
Homestead says all the time,  "if what you did yesterday still looks
good today,  you haven´t done much today"     Hoy es el dia para la
gente a preparar a reunir con Dios.  Estoy agredecido para esta
opportunidad a compartir este evangelio con cada persona!

Love you all and have a great week:)
Le amo,
Elder Lamb

                                       Running to go pick up an investigator for church

                                             Elder Lamb and Georgina = Empanadas

                                        Elders Lamb and Tarwater wrestling - awesome!

Beautiful Sunsets

Monday, March 24, 2014

#teamsavelives 24 Marzo

This week was so bomb! Apparently today is a holiday where no one
works.. shocker..people in Argentina not working.. haha but seriously
they have like 50 days in the year where no one works! So we just got
done playing some fútbol!  It's honestly so hard not to lose your cool
playing with the natives.

So anyways a lot has happened this past week.  The lady we asked to be
baptized last week is awesome.  She always has a bunch of people at
her house so we have the opportunity to teach a lot of people because
of her.  Her name is Georgina pronounced Shoorshina haha and she has a
30 year old daughter named Franca.  Well we were teaching Franca on
Tuesday and she had this friend over named Juan.  He was smoking and
on the phone while we were trying to teach Franca the Restoration.  He
hung yup and was sitting in the other room and just randomly asked us
if we believed in the pope.  We said we believe he´s a great man that
has a lot of faith but that he is no better than him or us.  He liked
that and wanted to hear more.  We told him to sit down and listen and
we taught them the restoration.  The spirit was strong and after every
lesson we teach i bear my testimony of why I´m all the way accross the
world to teach this message.  I asked them both to be baptized and
they accepted.  They have to attend church 3 times before they can be
baptized and because of this reason Sunday´s honestly went from being
my favorite day before the mish to the worst day ever because we just
post outside waiting for our investigators that promised they´d come
and they don´t come...it sure humbles you.

We had the chastity lesson with our boy Tomas from the Dominican
republic.  We thought he lived with his girlfriend and honestly i
thought this was going to be a deal buster.  But it was just the
opposite! He was so pumped and loved that we taught this to the youth
and saw families and our bodies as being so sacred.  Apparently he
doesn´t live with his girlfriend.  She has her own house and she just
is over a lot.  He said he´d definitely follow this commandment so
we'll see!

She man that went to church with us last week is awesome.  His name is
Juan Carlos and he only wanted to come to our church because he wanted
to take the sacrament.  Like what a G!  We had a lesson with him and
asked him to be baptized as well.  He accepted but it was a little
hesitant so we'll see.

I heard Bart got his call here!!!!!!!!!! How sick is that!!!!!!!!!!
When is he coming!??????? Tell him to email me!  I honestly love my
area and there are a lot of people willing to hear what we have to
say.  I didn´t realize till this week that there are honestly not a
lot of baptisms here at all.  There was a couple elders that have been
out 9 months without a baptism.  I am praying so hard these people
continue their desire to have a better life.

This place is DEFINITELY making me realize how nice I had it back
home.  Our whole family is in the church!! We have like 20 temples
within a days drive! We have a strong ward with more active members
than less active.  Two parents who work their butts off every day so
we could be taken care of.  We had food to spare!  I can´t believe I
didn´t take advantage of the pantry like i should have haha.  We had a
lesson with this couple this week standing up in their doorway because
honestly their "house" consisted off a sink and a mattress.  They
didn't even have room for chairs! I miss America to be honest.  I love
the mission and i love being here and my testimony is growing but i'm
just sooooooo beyond glad i live in America.  This wind and cold make
me want to move back to Arizona for sure after school.

It´s insane that Tres and I are in the same zone.  The chances of that
are beyond tiny.  Out of over 150 missionaries in our mission and i am
in the same place with only about 12 other missionaries.  We have so
much fun.  Our zone leaders and Elder Salas and I slept over at Elder
Tarwaters and Elder Chavarriahs pension on Thursday and we had so much
fun.  It was so nice to be able to talk to someone that knows where i
came from and i know where he came from.  We wrestled for like 20
minutes before he was about to throw up so he tapped out haha our
stamina isn´t as great as it was.  We made some homemade bread that
was so bomb.

That´s hilarious hearing about Gunner and asking mom to just write his
paper for him while he was at school and then turn it in.  I
definitely miss real sports.  I thought coming here would make me love
soccer.  ya naww i liked it a lot more before the mission.  It just
makes me miss baseball, football, basketball, heck even golf i miss.
That will definitely be a go to when i get back.  In all serious i
love being a missionary.  I love that my full time job is to tell
people how they can be happy FOREVER!!! Alma 39: 17-18  this gospel is
for everyone and is just as important to the people now as to those
people living when Christ was living and when he will come again.

I love you all!  And family, thank you for coming to all my games! I
was thinking about that this week a lot and just how blessed i was to
have my parents come to every single one of my games and even if they
were out of state you would come or at least do everything you could
to come.  I will DEFINITELY do the same with my kids:):)

Till next week,
Elder Lamb

Monday, March 17, 2014

WEEK #9-MiracleWeek:):):)

Soccer Champs: Elders Tarwater, Chavarria, Lamb, Crowley - Celebrating
hours after the WIN!!

oh and ive gained 22 pounds.... like how and where?? haha i dont feel
that much different but whatever... i hope to gain 15 more:)  every
meal.. pasta, meat, and bread!!!! this is a few burgers wrapped in
bacon.. freakin snack in the apartment!
Me and Elder Salas - today its light jacket weather but last week it
was so bitter cold! and its fall.... im gonna die!!!
How's everyone doing?? This week has been crazy!! It's insane how many
emotions you can have every day!! I LOVE hearing AF did work down in
St. Geezy and i wish i was there sooo bad to be apart of that little
bruhaha with PG!!

Everything down south is amazing!! I can finally start to understand
mostly everything! It's still a completely different language than
what i learned in school and the MTC.  For an example,  to say "I
help" its "yo ayudo" .. i learned to say it as "yo eye-you-doe" but
here they say "ash-shu-doe"  like completely different!!!! haha but it
sounds so much tighter so i like it.

Well last monday was monumental.  We played a soccer game with some of
the missionaries here.  We played latinos against gringos!! 4 on 4.
Me, Elder Tarwater, Elder Chavarria from Atlanta and Elder Crowley
from Provo.  Guess who won!!!??? THE GRINGOS!!!! hahaha we celebrated
like we won the world cup!! They were so mad and this week we're
playing for a lot of meat! Literally the loser has to buy a the
winners a lot of meat!

Elder Chavarria is so freakin funny.. He has been here 8 months and is
a bomb missionary.  He told us that he didn't even know the church was
restored and didn't know Joseph Smith till  he came to the MTC!! haha
but he's so funny! His testimony is so strong! He was inactive before
the mish and said he only came because he knew families could be
together forever! Gosh how amazing is that!

So my dream mission was Dominican Republic...and guess who's getting
baptized in 3 weeks! It was amazing! The Domincan named Tomas that i
helped dig a hole for loves this gospel.  Our second lesson with him
and we taught him the Plan of Salvation.. no doubt i used that little
puzzle thing mom:)  He loved it! I just felt like he was ready and i
asked him! "¡Seguire el ejemplo de Jesucristo y ser bautizado por
alguien que poseer la autoridad del saucerdocio de Dios?" and he was
like for sure! and i was like "¡en serio?" haha i was so stunned and
so happy! then the next day we went to this ladies house that said she
was interested when we contacted her! Well her and her mother were
there and the mother asked us what we believed happens to us after we
die..and again.. no doubt i busted out the Plan of Salvation puzzle
and went to work.. and at the end i told them "En el 12 de Abril
tendremos un servicio bautismal...¿se prepararan ser bautizado esa
dia? and they said yes!!!! I talked about Harding a lot with them and
showed them the picture of our family and her that mom put in my Book
of Mormon. they loved it!!

I love teaching so much! I love contacting so much! I talk to
everyone!! haha and actually had to get after my compañero a little
bit because honestly he'd be chill just postin at a member's house all
day! But we're all good now! Then yesterday we picked up this brand
new investigator we met because he was trying to put a fence around
his house and i ran over to help.  His name is Juan Carlos and he too
only has 3 teeth being generous.  We pulled up to his house yesterday
morning and to be honest i didn't think he would come.  Oh and a
member drove us... ya no way we have a car.  We walk sooooooooooooo
much and so far! But we pulled up and he was waiting for us!!! How
tight!! We go to church and one of Elders in the other area spoke and
Juan Carlos started to cry! He told us he came to church because he
wanted to take the sacrament! He loved it and i'll for sure ask him to
be baptized this week.  I realized after 2 weeks that if the people
have any desire to just ask them to be baptized! Then expound that
desire everytime we see them! So many times people have the desire but
then lose it after a couple weeks because they don't have a goal in

Ramón is a homie! So turns out his english is super femmy and weird
but his spanish is normal haha.  To refresh a little bit he was
blasted drunk and tried to talk to me in english saying he wanted to
come back to the church! Well he has! he stopped drinking and smoking
cold turkey and we even checked his fridge and visit him at random
hours just in case haha.  His hair went down to the middle of his back
and he told us to shave it off! Well we did haha and Elder Salas had
to do it.  Soooo funny because his hair was disgusting!! Way cool but
so gross!! He's so solid now and i know he can help us bring a lot of
people back to the church and convert a lot of people as well!

I´m learning so much about perspective and life!

I've been reading in Alma and it's like a story! haha before the
mission i couldn't read my scriptures at all but now i can't get
enough of it!! Alma is my hero!!! and Ammon!!!  I LOVE Alma 26 and
reading all of Alma makes me appreciate it so much!! Ammon and Alma
and their brothers just did work converting so many people with his
brothers!! Thousands and thousands of people they converted!! And all
of chapter 26 is when Ammon takes a step back and is like "WOWWW!! How
great is The Lord!!!! How great is the joy that comes from other
people changing their lives to allign with Christ's!!!!!!!"  There´s
so much emotion...and then i think his brother Aaron was like
woah..easy now..don't be boastful.. and then Ammon says "if this is
boasting, even so will i boast" and then goes on to say how amazing
God is and that he is boasting in God!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I LOVE
SHARING IT!!!!! Alma and Ammon started their success with service and
i love that! Strive to serve in some way every day!! I love you all!
Especially the fam! Miss you all like crazy and can't wait to chill
with you again in a couple!

Elder Lamb

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WEEK #8- 2nd Week in the Field!

ok this week has been craaaazy!!

I actually feel like a missionary now! I love it! I´m going to die in
the cold...but it´s chill.  There is so much wind!!! haha and the cars
fly past you on the dirt roads and the rocks and dirt go everywhere!

So here´s the deal..i love contacting and talkng to poeple.  They are
so nice here!! super humble and willing to hear what this 6 foot white
kid with red hair has to say in broken spanish about Jesus! haha It´s

The little kids are the best! We played soccer with them last week and
one of the homies had a little Rugby ball and I told one of them to
start running to the other side of the field!  The whole field was
like 50 yards and I had the wind on my side big time.  I chucked it
past him and told them they all have to take a lesson and come to
english class on saturday! They´re all coming!! haha They all came up
to me after asking how to throw a ball.. i just told them i lick my
fingers and then after that everyone took turns spittin on their hand
then throwing!! haha they´re hilarious and always so many!!

Miracles upon miracles this week.  There´s two things I´m extremely
confident in here.  Working and eating.  Because neither require me to
talk much. So anytime I see people working I´m there.  And most the
time Elder Salas stands there and watches or talks to the people which
is whatever.  Works with me.  So this man was digging a hole.  I ran
over and asked him if I could help.  There were 4 men in total and
they all said no it´s fine thanks but one said well sure.  I grabbed
the shovel and went to work.  After a little bit of talking I asked
them if they believed in God.  They all did and one was familiar with
the church.  He was from the Dominican Republic!  I told him that´s
where i wanted to go and we talked about baseball and all the
dominicans in the league.  We met with him and he is gollllden.  We
are going to ask him to be baptized this week and i´m super stoked
about that.  HE TALKS SO FAST!! It´s unreal! Elder Salas talked to one
of the other men and he´s very interested as well!

Another miracle.  So we were pumped to meet with this investigator
Synthia.  We went over to teach and she was sleeping.  Of
course....that whole siesta thing is so real haha these people just
peace out in the middle of the day to sleep! Anyways, we were walking
away and went to start contacting and we hear someone yelling behind
us.  It´s this man with long hair in a ponytail yelling at us.
Something sounded weird then i realized this homie was talking in
english!! We walked over to him and he kept saying he needed help and
he was crying.  I was like ya for sure, what do you need?  He had a
super gay voice and he was a pretty big dude his house was beyond
sketchy.  It was all boarded and his fence was scattered pieces of
wood constructed to eye level.  He said to follow him and Elder Salas
and I looked at each other and almost laughing was like ok. We walked
in his house and i immediately realized why it was all boarded up.
Like 10 stary muts, 5 cats, too many birds to count, chickens, fish,
geece, you name it, this guy had it. He told us to sit down and we
legit had to sit on the tails of the cats it was so disgusting.  The
whole time i don´t take my eyes off him in case he tries to like idk
kill us or something haha.  My pen was clenched and ready.  We didn´t
talk for like 5 minutes because he was crying so much.  Well turns out
he was baptized 10 years ago.  He actually baptized the elders quorum
president in our ward.  As well as a few others!!! This guy used to be
way solid.  Well our lesson was completely in english.  He taught
himself when he was 7 years old! He was super drunk and had no money.
He said he saw me from the window and just started crying.  He knew i
spoke english and he thinks I was sent here for him.  I was pretty
sketched out not gonna lie and shared with him D&C 18:10 and 11 about
how God loves us and how Jesus paid the price for us to repent.  He
wants to change his whole life.  We went back yesterday and he was
completely sober and awesome.  He knows how hard it´s going to be to
come back but he´s excited.  His name is Ramón.

Another miracle. We went to mutual on saturday and after mutual we
were on our way to a less active member´s house.  He passed this house
that had two men outside who looked like they were negotiating
something.  One of the men was pretty old and he yelled after us.
haha so again we walked back and said hello.  I saw the other man
trying to pick up some tile so I picked it up and took it to his car.
The older man asked us what we believe in.  We told him the God,
Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.  He told us to come inside.  This guy was
hilarious.  His name is Jesus.  ok you know the farmer on Napolean
Dynamite that needs subtitles when he talks.  Ya that was this guy!
In spanish!! In Argentine Spanish!!! I´m being generous when I say he
had 3 teeth! haha well he is amazing!!!! We taught him the restoration
and he believes it all makes sense.  We told him to pray and ask for
himself.  We told him we have a baptism scheduled for 3 weeks from now
and asked him if he would be baptized.  He said yes!!!!! The only
sucky part is that he´s 2 houses away from our area so we just hooked
them up with a baptism but I am so happy for him!! This gospel just
makes sense!!!!!

The ward is great.  Only like 40 being super generous came to church
and the music is beyond bad. It´s hilarious.  Literally every person
is tone deaf. The young men are amazing!!! Many of the teachers and
priests bring their friends to mutual and they go on splits with us
all the time. I am so happy for them and proud of how strong they are
when it´s so easy not to be.  There are not a lot of baptisms here in
our mission which i was a little surprised about but I can see why
now.  It´s hard to have a spark and get them to develop a testimony
that can last.  We are really pushing for the menos activos to start
coming back to church.  We visit atleast 2 every day.

Everyone LOVES the pictures of the family.  Everyone comments on how
young my parents look! And just how beautiful Mom, Mckinley and Reegan
are.  I feel so bad they don´t have a temple here!! It would change
thousands and thousands of lives.  Sometimes I feel way discouraged
becasue I don´t know a lot of the language or people don´t show up to
church or answer their doors and sometimes it´s hard to teach.  Then i
think about Abinadi.  When he was prophesying to King Noah and his
wicked court.  He didn´t know that Alma was going to baptize hundreds
because of his words and his son the same.  You never know how much
you can impact so I figure why get discouraged.  I´m here for a reason
and I am so excited to teach and share what I have to share. I sure do
miss baseball and shooting.  And a day of rest is of the past!! haha I
miss the sundays when you can sleep.  But I wouldn´t trade it for
anything.  I know how much i can impact the lives of others and i know
how much my life will be impacted.  It already has been:)

With much love,
Elder Lamb

Brockton and Elder Salas making dinner.

some of the horses are beautiful and some are terrible!! the
conditions for them are terrible! but there not much better for the

High point near the sea.  Wind is so horrible and cold my ears are still frozen.

Ha this is our cultural hall.  So smallllll! Oh and we eat a lot at
members houses.  I think only one day we didn´t.  I eat a ton here
haha it sucks when you don´t know when you´ll eat next!! we live off
of like 100 bucks a month!  and we dont have a market in our area so
today we have to buy our food for the week. So much pastas, meats, and
bread! Yesterday we had melenesa and i was too happy.  Ate so freakin

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Week in the Field!!

It´s about time huh!? This has been the longest week of my life! I had been traveling from Monday morning at 4:30 till Friday morning!! haha I am at the end of the world!!!! freakin Rio Grande!! It´s the most southern mission in the entire world!! I love it though!

My companion is the little 5´4 guy from Peru.  His name is Elder Salas.  Not a lick of english but i´m glad for 2 reasons. 1. It will help me learn the language so much faster and 2. if i don´t want to talk or he doesn´t want to talk.. the language barrier is pretty big right now so it´s all good! haha He´s awesome!

There are 9 areas in our mission and they are so incredibly far apart!!! It took two full days to travel from Comodoro to Rio Grande!  We flew from Buenas Aires to Comodoro and then took a bus everywhere else.  The bus´s are HUGE but sooooo sketchy.  They played three Rated R movies all in english with spanish subtitles so it´s just awful.  We ask every time to switch the movie and they are so prideful it doesn´t even cross their mind.  We then had to take a massive boat that carries cars and busses over this sea of water to get to Rio Grande! That was amazing!!! Saw so many dolphins!!!!!!!! Someone said they saw a penguin but i missed it:(  Our Mission Presidents wife was showing me pictures of the penguins and there are so many!

Not gonna lie..i was a little discouraged last week because this isn´t spanish!!! it´s freakin castijon! haha some people are way prideful about it too! I honestly love the language so much!  I just want to talk to everybody and as long as they stick to talking about sports, weather, the gospel, and themselves and their circumstances i´m fine.  It´s when they start talking about other things that i don´t understand anything!! It´s very poor where I´m at.

Apparently i´m in the ugliest part of Argentina! But guess who else is in my area! Tres!!!! Of all people I´m in the same area as my cousin!  Elder Tarwater is a big name down here too! Everybody freaks out when they hear we´re realated.  I room with 4 Peruvians that don´t know any english! haha you know this church is true if i can still be happy in these circumstances!

I feel so bad for the members here.  Church attendance is so low that they have to rent out an old pizza shop to hold church!  All they want is a chapel and we have hundreds in Utah!  And don´t even think about a temple! The cost to Buenas Aires is enough to make you sick!  I had to speak yesterday in front of everyone in church!  i was asked to be the presiding testimony during the opening hymn.  It went very well though. Spoke for like 7 minutes and just really tried to convey to everyone that i´m there for them and to help get a chapel! The kids here are sooo funny! All play soccer and do work!  We play all the time! Nobody believes I´m only 19 or that this is my first week in Argentina! THERE ARE SO MANY DOGS!!! oh my it´s insane!!! They don´t do anything though. All just a bunch of muts.  Some are way sweet though.  

I love to teach so much!  When teaching i can actually speak their language!! The FOOD IS BOMB!!! so much meat and pastas and bread! All so good! It´s crazy though.. everyone is literally living in shacks pretty much with 1 to 3 rooms but EVERYONE has dish with a huge flatscreeen inside it doesn´t look right but everyone has it!!! Our pension is tiny.  3 rooms for the 4 of us! Oh and that wind is gonna kill me! It's so windy!!!
Be grateful for everything back home! Be grateful for grass and trees!  be grateful for a working bathroom and TOILET PAPER. gosh... haha I love the people here.  I´m so down to talk to everybody and i kinda have to pull my companion along sometimes..or we´ll just post at a members house for a couple hours.  I just wanna WORK!!!! This week I´m teaching english classes so I´m stoked about that. 
I´m so happy i´m here! At times i think....why the heck am i here? but i quickly think of the eternal plan and these people NEED to hear the gospel.  the less actives NEED to go to church! I want you back home to receive blessings! I could never say i regret giving it my all but i can regret not.  So I´m gonna work work and work some more.  I love you all!!!! Especially you mom!!  The family unit is pretty strong here and i love that!!! Makes me miss you like crazy!  Thank you for all the support!!!!!!!!!!! I´ll try to send some pictures right now:)
Les amo,
Elder Lamb

Me  & Elder Tres Tarwater - Can't believe he was in my 1st Area!

Me & Elder Salas

Lots of dogs - Can't hate the puppies.

Typical street in Rio Grande
 plus 10 stray dogs.

The kids are AWESOME!  They play hard and work hard.

Handstands while building a house for a member.