Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, March 24, 2014

#teamsavelives 24 Marzo

This week was so bomb! Apparently today is a holiday where no one
works.. shocker..people in Argentina not working.. haha but seriously
they have like 50 days in the year where no one works! So we just got
done playing some fĂștbol!  It's honestly so hard not to lose your cool
playing with the natives.

So anyways a lot has happened this past week.  The lady we asked to be
baptized last week is awesome.  She always has a bunch of people at
her house so we have the opportunity to teach a lot of people because
of her.  Her name is Georgina pronounced Shoorshina haha and she has a
30 year old daughter named Franca.  Well we were teaching Franca on
Tuesday and she had this friend over named Juan.  He was smoking and
on the phone while we were trying to teach Franca the Restoration.  He
hung yup and was sitting in the other room and just randomly asked us
if we believed in the pope.  We said we believe he´s a great man that
has a lot of faith but that he is no better than him or us.  He liked
that and wanted to hear more.  We told him to sit down and listen and
we taught them the restoration.  The spirit was strong and after every
lesson we teach i bear my testimony of why I´m all the way accross the
world to teach this message.  I asked them both to be baptized and
they accepted.  They have to attend church 3 times before they can be
baptized and because of this reason Sunday´s honestly went from being
my favorite day before the mish to the worst day ever because we just
post outside waiting for our investigators that promised they´d come
and they don´t come...it sure humbles you.

We had the chastity lesson with our boy Tomas from the Dominican
republic.  We thought he lived with his girlfriend and honestly i
thought this was going to be a deal buster.  But it was just the
opposite! He was so pumped and loved that we taught this to the youth
and saw families and our bodies as being so sacred.  Apparently he
doesn´t live with his girlfriend.  She has her own house and she just
is over a lot.  He said he´d definitely follow this commandment so
we'll see!

She man that went to church with us last week is awesome.  His name is
Juan Carlos and he only wanted to come to our church because he wanted
to take the sacrament.  Like what a G!  We had a lesson with him and
asked him to be baptized as well.  He accepted but it was a little
hesitant so we'll see.

I heard Bart got his call here!!!!!!!!!! How sick is that!!!!!!!!!!
When is he coming!??????? Tell him to email me!  I honestly love my
area and there are a lot of people willing to hear what we have to
say.  I didn´t realize till this week that there are honestly not a
lot of baptisms here at all.  There was a couple elders that have been
out 9 months without a baptism.  I am praying so hard these people
continue their desire to have a better life.

This place is DEFINITELY making me realize how nice I had it back
home.  Our whole family is in the church!! We have like 20 temples
within a days drive! We have a strong ward with more active members
than less active.  Two parents who work their butts off every day so
we could be taken care of.  We had food to spare!  I can´t believe I
didn´t take advantage of the pantry like i should have haha.  We had a
lesson with this couple this week standing up in their doorway because
honestly their "house" consisted off a sink and a mattress.  They
didn't even have room for chairs! I miss America to be honest.  I love
the mission and i love being here and my testimony is growing but i'm
just sooooooo beyond glad i live in America.  This wind and cold make
me want to move back to Arizona for sure after school.

It´s insane that Tres and I are in the same zone.  The chances of that
are beyond tiny.  Out of over 150 missionaries in our mission and i am
in the same place with only about 12 other missionaries.  We have so
much fun.  Our zone leaders and Elder Salas and I slept over at Elder
Tarwaters and Elder Chavarriahs pension on Thursday and we had so much
fun.  It was so nice to be able to talk to someone that knows where i
came from and i know where he came from.  We wrestled for like 20
minutes before he was about to throw up so he tapped out haha our
stamina isn´t as great as it was.  We made some homemade bread that
was so bomb.

That´s hilarious hearing about Gunner and asking mom to just write his
paper for him while he was at school and then turn it in.  I
definitely miss real sports.  I thought coming here would make me love
soccer.  ya naww i liked it a lot more before the mission.  It just
makes me miss baseball, football, basketball, heck even golf i miss.
That will definitely be a go to when i get back.  In all serious i
love being a missionary.  I love that my full time job is to tell
people how they can be happy FOREVER!!! Alma 39: 17-18  this gospel is
for everyone and is just as important to the people now as to those
people living when Christ was living and when he will come again.

I love you all!  And family, thank you for coming to all my games! I
was thinking about that this week a lot and just how blessed i was to
have my parents come to every single one of my games and even if they
were out of state you would come or at least do everything you could
to come.  I will DEFINITELY do the same with my kids:):)

Till next week,
Elder Lamb

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