Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, March 17, 2014

WEEK #9-MiracleWeek:):):)

Soccer Champs: Elders Tarwater, Chavarria, Lamb, Crowley - Celebrating
hours after the WIN!!

oh and ive gained 22 pounds.... like how and where?? haha i dont feel
that much different but whatever... i hope to gain 15 more:)  every
meal.. pasta, meat, and bread!!!! this is a few burgers wrapped in
bacon.. freakin snack in the apartment!
Me and Elder Salas - today its light jacket weather but last week it
was so bitter cold! and its fall.... im gonna die!!!
How's everyone doing?? This week has been crazy!! It's insane how many
emotions you can have every day!! I LOVE hearing AF did work down in
St. Geezy and i wish i was there sooo bad to be apart of that little
bruhaha with PG!!

Everything down south is amazing!! I can finally start to understand
mostly everything! It's still a completely different language than
what i learned in school and the MTC.  For an example,  to say "I
help" its "yo ayudo" .. i learned to say it as "yo eye-you-doe" but
here they say "ash-shu-doe"  like completely different!!!! haha but it
sounds so much tighter so i like it.

Well last monday was monumental.  We played a soccer game with some of
the missionaries here.  We played latinos against gringos!! 4 on 4.
Me, Elder Tarwater, Elder Chavarria from Atlanta and Elder Crowley
from Provo.  Guess who won!!!??? THE GRINGOS!!!! hahaha we celebrated
like we won the world cup!! They were so mad and this week we're
playing for a lot of meat! Literally the loser has to buy a the
winners a lot of meat!

Elder Chavarria is so freakin funny.. He has been here 8 months and is
a bomb missionary.  He told us that he didn't even know the church was
restored and didn't know Joseph Smith till  he came to the MTC!! haha
but he's so funny! His testimony is so strong! He was inactive before
the mish and said he only came because he knew families could be
together forever! Gosh how amazing is that!

So my dream mission was Dominican Republic...and guess who's getting
baptized in 3 weeks! It was amazing! The Domincan named Tomas that i
helped dig a hole for loves this gospel.  Our second lesson with him
and we taught him the Plan of Salvation.. no doubt i used that little
puzzle thing mom:)  He loved it! I just felt like he was ready and i
asked him! "¡Seguire el ejemplo de Jesucristo y ser bautizado por
alguien que poseer la autoridad del saucerdocio de Dios?" and he was
like for sure! and i was like "¡en serio?" haha i was so stunned and
so happy! then the next day we went to this ladies house that said she
was interested when we contacted her! Well her and her mother were
there and the mother asked us what we believed happens to us after we
die..and again.. no doubt i busted out the Plan of Salvation puzzle
and went to work.. and at the end i told them "En el 12 de Abril
tendremos un servicio bautismal...¿se prepararan ser bautizado esa
dia? and they said yes!!!! I talked about Harding a lot with them and
showed them the picture of our family and her that mom put in my Book
of Mormon. they loved it!!

I love teaching so much! I love contacting so much! I talk to
everyone!! haha and actually had to get after my compañero a little
bit because honestly he'd be chill just postin at a member's house all
day! But we're all good now! Then yesterday we picked up this brand
new investigator we met because he was trying to put a fence around
his house and i ran over to help.  His name is Juan Carlos and he too
only has 3 teeth being generous.  We pulled up to his house yesterday
morning and to be honest i didn't think he would come.  Oh and a
member drove us... ya no way we have a car.  We walk sooooooooooooo
much and so far! But we pulled up and he was waiting for us!!! How
tight!! We go to church and one of Elders in the other area spoke and
Juan Carlos started to cry! He told us he came to church because he
wanted to take the sacrament! He loved it and i'll for sure ask him to
be baptized this week.  I realized after 2 weeks that if the people
have any desire to just ask them to be baptized! Then expound that
desire everytime we see them! So many times people have the desire but
then lose it after a couple weeks because they don't have a goal in

Ramón is a homie! So turns out his english is super femmy and weird
but his spanish is normal haha.  To refresh a little bit he was
blasted drunk and tried to talk to me in english saying he wanted to
come back to the church! Well he has! he stopped drinking and smoking
cold turkey and we even checked his fridge and visit him at random
hours just in case haha.  His hair went down to the middle of his back
and he told us to shave it off! Well we did haha and Elder Salas had
to do it.  Soooo funny because his hair was disgusting!! Way cool but
so gross!! He's so solid now and i know he can help us bring a lot of
people back to the church and convert a lot of people as well!

I´m learning so much about perspective and life!

I've been reading in Alma and it's like a story! haha before the
mission i couldn't read my scriptures at all but now i can't get
enough of it!! Alma is my hero!!! and Ammon!!!  I LOVE Alma 26 and
reading all of Alma makes me appreciate it so much!! Ammon and Alma
and their brothers just did work converting so many people with his
brothers!! Thousands and thousands of people they converted!! And all
of chapter 26 is when Ammon takes a step back and is like "WOWWW!! How
great is The Lord!!!! How great is the joy that comes from other
people changing their lives to allign with Christ's!!!!!!!"  There´s
so much emotion...and then i think his brother Aaron was like
woah..easy now..don't be boastful.. and then Ammon says "if this is
boasting, even so will i boast" and then goes on to say how amazing
God is and that he is boasting in God!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I LOVE
SHARING IT!!!!! Alma and Ammon started their success with service and
i love that! Strive to serve in some way every day!! I love you all!
Especially the fam! Miss you all like crazy and can't wait to chill
with you again in a couple!

Elder Lamb

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