Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valiente!!!!! February 17, 2015

What is up fam?? 

Do you want to know what I do for a living? I invite people to come unto Christ and be happy.  When I'm studying I'm thinking about what scriptures we can use to help our investigators...When I'm walking I'm thinking about the members and how we can help them..when I'm laying down in my bed at night all the people that we talked to that day and the conversations are constently running through my mind..how amazing is this gospel? There are about 88,000 othe missionaries with the some thoughts of how to help others. 

This week has been amazing.. We are really trying to gain everyones trust in the branch and right now we are having a lot of success. My testimony has grown so much these past few weeks and I know I need to be here.  I gave a talk in church this past sunday and I talked about the purpose of an anchor in a boat.  I compared the anchor as to our testimony as a family and the boat as to our family.  I shared about what helped our family have a strong and heavy testimony and anchor in our Savior Jesus Christ.  Just a quick summary I talked about how family prayer and family home evening were so important for everyone in the family. I needed to hear my parents pray for me personally growing up.  I needed to hear Reegan when she was little pray for me personally for my safety and success in whatever I was doing! To hear someone talking with our Father in Heaven about you is so powerful.

    I think what I have learned most this week is that we can be bold.  Before when people would go off and give their opinions of the church I usually would just sit their and listen and not disagree but try and change their beliefs but still not disagree with anything they said in fear of offending them.. After reading in the Book of Mormon and studying the teachings of Nephi, Mosiah, Alma, and Alma the Younger I realized I needed to be more bold!  

We contacted this man named Oscar in the street outside his house this week and he was letting me have it.. cursing, yelling and trying to bury me haha telling me I thought I was better than everyone else coming into his country with all my money and going door to door preaching false doctrine.  I was dead still rolling my tongue and biting it trying to hold my anger.  He then called me out and told me I looked angry and asked what I had to say. I asked him if he was done talking and very cleary and convinvingly asked him if he has read the Book of Mormon. He said no and that he didn't need to.  I told him he could not say one more bad thing about me or my comp until he read the Book of Mormon. He kinda backed down and changed his tone.. "what is this book anyways?" BOOM!  We sat down for 45 minutesd and taught him about the Book of Mormon and the promises and treasures it has inside... after this he apologized to my comp and I and invited us over Wednesday night to have teach his family and I'm going to make tacos for everyone.  And guess who else is going? The teenagers that saw us almost get robbed happen to be friends with this guys daughter and they are coming over as well. If we are bold and teach with love miracles come.  No doubt about it! They key is love!! 

I agree with Dan! Serving in a mission where the temple is so far away really makes me feel like crap for not going more often!! Please go to the temple!! So many people are waiting for Salvation! 

Love you all! Love my life!!!!!! 
Elder Lamb

Pics... Just a pic of the sea lions that are always postin out by the beach..
Elder Gutierrez and I just killin the game
Our dope broom.  You can use the toilet..wash your clothes.. and shower all at the same time!!! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 9, 2015-CORDERO PATIGONICO:):)

I can't believe it's already Monday again!! Friday we had to travel a couple hours to Trelew for another conference with Elder Viñas of the 70! That was AMAZING! He asked us a question.. How has the atonement helped me in the mission? It made me think about why I love talking to everyone on the street..why I go out of my way to be so happy when we are explaining our purpose..and I've realized that it's all because of the ultimate sacrifice.  I know that our Savior has paid the price for every single one of his children and if I don't do my part as a member and even more as a missionary of talking with everyone that I pass then that act of love and sacrifice doesn't have the opportunity to change the lives of the people here.  Elder Viñas told us to not get to down when people reject us.  It's going to happen.  Might as well be even nicer to the next person we talk to.

On a funnier note.. two sloppy Argentines tried to rob us in the middle of the day with a butcher knife from the kitchen.  They had been following us for a block and we stopped to check our agendas for a contact we had the other day and they started walking straight at us.. Then they bigger one pulls out this foot long rusty butchers knife and my comp just took off.  He's from Buenos Aires and he's just a little guy so his instincts kicked in and he was gone! Well he is small so they took off after him and my adrenaline was pumpin.. I started taking off for them and pulled out my buck knife that i carry to scare them.. I was yelling and was gaining on them and they decided to take off the other way.  The situation was over... ha well I was still super mad so I picked up a rock and chucked it at the big homie... got'em. Right in the arm. He wasn't too happy and turned around and started running at me.. I don't think he expected me to run at him and next thing he stopped dead in his tracks and took off the other way:) 

But guess where we spent the night... in the hospital because when my comp ran away he fell and got a boo boo on his shoulder and complained to the members so they took us to the hospital.  I thought it was a joke... we get to the hospital and wait for an hour.. luckily Argentina was playing Uruguay on TV so at least we could watch that.  Finally they call my comp back and literally less than a minute later he was out of the office.  I thought he forgot something...nope.. the doctore told him to suck it up and drink some tea.. I was ticked... but he's just a little kid ha then at church everyone and their dog was asking how he was and if he was alright and is milking the crap out of it.. i just laugh.

We put a date for our little buddy Uriel to be baptized on the 28 of this month! He read 8 chapters of the BOM in a week! And he knows what he's reading! He's 12! Such a stud!! 

Well it was an eventful week and my testimony has grown so much!!!!!!
I know that I'm here for a reason!  

Tenemos la plenitud del evangelio de Jesucristo en el mundo!!!   
Gracias por todo sus oraciones y apoyo! 
Con amor, 
Elder Lamb

We have an office genealogy pic of the past secretaries and past financiers all in a line:)
A pic of the some dope personal polos we have. Elder Jeppson and Elder Quintero the assistants. A lot of fun being with them all the time.
The comp and I eatin at Don Panchos! Super amazing hot dog place here by the beach!

Service with Hermana Ramirez cutting braches with the dullest saw ever!
Big Penguin with the comp Elder Guiterrez!
Some missionaries of the zone in Trelew!
First working windmill I have seen here!! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 2, 2015-Las Ballenas!!

Las Ballenas!!

First of all.....Celine Dion is playing right now in the ciber.....I AM SO HAPPY!!  I am in Puerto Madryn!   Purple from all around the world come here!  On Tuesday I had to help with legalization stuff so we had to go to the government building right by the beach and I met people from New York and talked to them for a while.  Then we saw a group of tourists from Japan.  Literally from everywhere!!

My area is the best because it's all the people that go to the beach but it's all humble living....everyone is just all day in their board shorts and flip flops and just happy and accepting.

Elder Gutierrez is so awesome.  He has had a rough batch of companions and we sat down the first night and both shared our goals and what we expected of this transfer.  I honestly could not be happier.  Every day we found new people to teach and to serve.  The members in this branch are amaaaaaaazing!!!!!  They all want to help the mission work!  And it's because they can see that elder Gutierrez and I are willing to work and we sincerely want to help everyone here.  I have been overwhelmed with the amount of peace and love I have felt here by everyone.!!  I have such a strong testimony of service and the blessings that come from it.

We did service for family Azocar, who have 3 teenage boys on Saturday and we helped build a house of cement.  Then yesterday, on Sunday, these teenage boys brought two of their friends to church that are now our investigators.  Fast and testimony meeting twas so powerful in this branch.  I got up and told them exactly how I felt.  I told them that I only have one year left to give EVERYTHING I have to the Lord and this work here so that's exactly what I am going to do.  All the members after testified of that because they saw the service that we did throughout the week for all the different members.  

Well, we have already been blessed with an amazing reference of a part member family only because the husband and wife were not married but now they are so we are going to see them tonight!!  We also challenged our little investigator to read the Book of Mormon with his finger reading. 

I am sooooooooo grateful to be here. We have already seen so many miracles.  We talk to everyone we pass in the street and receive directions from almost everyone.  The best combination my companion says,...... a gringo and a porteno.  

I have said it since day one and my saying that I took from baseball is...... "If what you did yesterday still looks good today, well then you haven't done much today".  President challenged our mission to read the Book of Mormon this year in about 4 months.  I challenge everyone to do it as well!  I have found so many treasures by reading it again and can truly see it bless my life!

Basically I'm on cloud 9 and could not be more grateful to be serving a mission in La Patogonia!!!! Y aquante BOCA!!  Just beat up on River 5-0....Tooo nice!

Love you all!!!  Enjoy the little things!!  It'll bring so much more happiness to your lives.
Elder Lamb

PS.  For my last Pday in the office Elder Carter taught us how clutches and transmissions work and it was so interesting! Elder Carter is the senior couple and is so awesome and we had pancakes at his house on sunday and Hermana Carter and I make and cooked everything! She even gave me some of her famous batter starter!