Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Friday, September 11, 2015

September 7, 2015 -Hermana Ojeda!!!!

Hermana Ojeda!!!!

Alright lets get a little back up story.. I was serving here in Comodoro a year ago for my birthday and this amazing hermana that was sick with cancer made me a cake.  She treated me like a son and loved being able to serve and was so grateful to be able to make my birthday special! That was a year ago....

So a week before my birthday I just got to Comodoro "again" and I was in the terminal getting my bags and stuff loaded in a taxi..and guess who just so happened to walk by and see me! This same hermana Ojeda! We were both freaking out and I was so excited to see her! She said she was just looking at photos from the year before just as I showed up! She told me to come by on Monday because she was going to make another cake.  I went over there and she put me in tears!  She took time out of her day to make mine special! 

I would do anything for these people here! I LOVE to serve and I can't describe how amazing it is to have people here that care.  This hermana went above and beyond and I will eternally be grateful.. She was so happy she was able to be a part for BOTH of my birthdays here in the mish and goodnight.. she's the best!! I am so beyond blessed and am eternally in debt to these amazing people here!! 

pics.. this is a pic of me with Hermana Ojeda and her son chino! 

Fam bam!!!! What is happenin! You better not get burnt out from camping so much because thats definitely something I want to do just about every weekend when I get home!

This week has been amazing! Last sunday we had lunch with the most amazing family! Family Jerez! They have 5 kids and the parents of the dad are visiting them from northern Argentina. They are soooooooooo dope! Honestly we hit it off de una and we were laughing and sharing stories together and they invited us to come over the next day yo have Family Home Evening with them! 

So after Pday we went over there and my comp secretely let them know it was my birthday and they went all out with the cake and pizza and gosh dang it was so dope.  I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday thinking it was going to go lo key and i was just excited to be with this family but they went above and beyond to make it awesome. The grandparents are heading back to the north today in an hour so we are going to say goodbye soon. The people I have met here have changed my life forever!! I am so grateful to meet them! 

The grandma of flia Jerez taught us how to make pizzas!! :)

August 31, 2015 - Capilla Abierta!!:)

Capilla Abierta!!:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! I hope you guys go get some good grub for dads bday!! 

So I'm back in Comodoro but this time I'm in the heart of Centro.. Which means we contact sooooo much but teaching... not too much because we basically just contact people that live in everyone elses areas.  

We were able to do an Open Church activity Saturday night which was a huge success! We got together with the stake here and set up a "come and see what Mormons do" type of deal Saturday.  It was amazing! Every room had set up a different organization of the church and we had Meet the Mormons running in the cultural hall.  About 30 missionaries along with ward members and youth were in the streets inviting everyone to come! It was a lot of fun and 3 people left with a baptismal date and dozens left us with their address to come and visit.  It's crazy how much more productive the work is when the members and missionaries work together! 

Other than that total tranquil out here.  I now live in whats called the Casa Grande which is the biggest pension in the mission which you'd think would be dope but it just means so many random homeys always pass through and leave a mess ha but its fun seeing all the brand new missionaries and the ones that are on their way home because they all stay in our pension coming and going through comodoro. 

Love ya'll!! Pray for family Abregu from Puerto Madryn..going through a hard time and they need your prayers! 

Ill send pics in a sec! 

Elder Lamb

leavin Gallegos:(

but lookey here... in Comodoro we have Hermana Lock who is the neighbor of the Aubreys!! S/o to small world!:)
also met a man today in his 70´s who travels for the church doing medical stuff and he told us about how when he was a 14 year old investigator there was an elder that would always take him on splits... that elder was Elder Christofferson and Richard G Scott was the mission president who was there to great him when he came out of the baptismal font!  So crazy!! 

August 24, 2015 -OTRA VEZ A COMODORO!


My time in Rio Gallegos has come to an end... :( 

I feel like i just got here but I look back and its been 3 months!  I am heading back to Comodoro tonight... I'll be working in the middle of the city with Elder Vicharra. He's a stud from Peru so it'll be so sick! 

I'm really sad to be leaving Gallegos.. I really do love these people and all the missionaries here..we´ve come together as a family and everyone has been working so hard!!  Some of the elders on the other side of the city baptized a young couple this past week and I had the privilage of doing the interview.  The spirit was so strong.  I interviewed Carola.. the wife and she was so ready start her life over as a disciple of Jesus Christ. She has been through so much and she sincerely believes that through Jesus Christ she can be perfected through His atonement. 

As far as all of our investigators its like pulling teeth trying to get them to church!! We were able to find some more amazing people but as soon as you say we have church at 10 in the morning they just laugh and say they'll be sleeping... WAKE UP!!! We went by 3 families houses sunday morning to bring them to church and all lights off sleeping for all 3... come on now.... 

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Romero! The recent convert of the Hermanas in our branch and he is such a stud! Did a 180 on his life.. comes every week EARLY to church and is the only one that studies the classes throughout the week.  He doesn´t have much family here and is in his mid 40´s and said this was the first time he has celebrated his birthday since he was little.  We had a DOPE asado!! I will miss the Argentine asado...so much! 

THANK YOU so much mom for the package!! It came here and the birthday stuff was PERFECT for Romero.. ha I'll have a week in a new area for my birthday so ya..itll be low key which is chill!  And I was 10 times more happy we could do something cool for Romero! 

I love ya'll so much!!! 

S/o to Gunner for do missionary work at home! I wish I did more before!! Way to be an example! Such a stud!!  

Elder Lamb :)
I'll send pics in a sec!! 

Argentines dont mess around with their meat!! 

August 17, 2015 - :)


Whats good errrrbody!!!!

This week has been great! I dont have any time so ill try to throw some pics up!!

This coming week we`ll have transfers and its gonna be crazy probs! Everyones going home! So weird! Rio Gallegos is still amazing:) Service is still the best! 

August 10, 2015 -#BOMBACHASyBOINAS


Whatssss goood yalll??

So this week was another crazy one.. We had our monthly consejo in Comodoro on Tuesday so Monday night we left on the bus at 8:00 and got to Comodoro at 8:00 the next morning.. the meeting starts at 8:30 and after the meeting we ball out with the hoodrats that are always playing on the church soccer field in the parking lot.. then at 9 at night that same tuesday we headed back to Rio Gallegos and got home at 9 Wednesday morning.  

We had the other zone leaders from the zones down south stay with us all Wed because they dont have a bus leaving to the island till Thursday.. but it's sick because my boy Elder Nelson was able to stay with us an extra day!  Then Friday was our zone conference so my comp and I were up till the early hours Friday morning preparing for the conference with our zone.  Saturday we did service all day then Sunday night and yesterday we had interviews with President.. To sum it all up... We didn't have too much time to work in our area:( 

Of course the Big Man upstairs is hearing our prayers and isn't going to shorten others out of blessings and we were able to have 8 investigators in our branch on Sunday!!! 

We went Sunday morning to pick up our buddy Brian and when we got to his house he asked us if his friend and cousin and sister could come to church as well!! Uhh YAAA!! Big Brian already inviting others... such a stud! We walked in to church with all these homies and the branch embraced them and everyone talked to them! So awesome! And the parents of Carolina came!!! They have their date for the 22 of August! Just pray that they will be ready!!! 

I am so grateful to be here. I love what I do:):)

Thank yall for everything!!!!

Elder Lamb