Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Friday, September 11, 2015

September 7, 2015 -Hermana Ojeda!!!!

Hermana Ojeda!!!!

Alright lets get a little back up story.. I was serving here in Comodoro a year ago for my birthday and this amazing hermana that was sick with cancer made me a cake.  She treated me like a son and loved being able to serve and was so grateful to be able to make my birthday special! That was a year ago....

So a week before my birthday I just got to Comodoro "again" and I was in the terminal getting my bags and stuff loaded in a taxi..and guess who just so happened to walk by and see me! This same hermana Ojeda! We were both freaking out and I was so excited to see her! She said she was just looking at photos from the year before just as I showed up! She told me to come by on Monday because she was going to make another cake.  I went over there and she put me in tears!  She took time out of her day to make mine special! 

I would do anything for these people here! I LOVE to serve and I can't describe how amazing it is to have people here that care.  This hermana went above and beyond and I will eternally be grateful.. She was so happy she was able to be a part for BOTH of my birthdays here in the mish and goodnight.. she's the best!! I am so beyond blessed and am eternally in debt to these amazing people here!! 

pics.. this is a pic of me with Hermana Ojeda and her son chino! 

Fam bam!!!! What is happenin! You better not get burnt out from camping so much because thats definitely something I want to do just about every weekend when I get home!

This week has been amazing! Last sunday we had lunch with the most amazing family! Family Jerez! They have 5 kids and the parents of the dad are visiting them from northern Argentina. They are soooooooooo dope! Honestly we hit it off de una and we were laughing and sharing stories together and they invited us to come over the next day yo have Family Home Evening with them! 

So after Pday we went over there and my comp secretely let them know it was my birthday and they went all out with the cake and pizza and gosh dang it was so dope.  I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday thinking it was going to go lo key and i was just excited to be with this family but they went above and beyond to make it awesome. The grandparents are heading back to the north today in an hour so we are going to say goodbye soon. The people I have met here have changed my life forever!! I am so grateful to meet them! 

The grandma of flia Jerez taught us how to make pizzas!! :)

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