Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014- Próspero año y felicidad!

Próspero año y felicidad!

What is up!! 

Christmas was so bomb! Went to flia Sosa´s house! ate lamb...played with the kids..made some memories!
Not much to say.. yesterday was fun.. drove up a truck 5 hours north to Trelew for president then drove back down.. reminded of the good ol Pine Valley days just driving everywhere.
Skyping was soooooo amazing!! Love seeing the family and knowing that everyone is doing so well is making me feel a thousand times better out here! good luck to Mckinley and Zac and actually the whole family heading down to Texas this week!
Can't wait to see all the cousins when i get back!! T-minus 1 year now... how crazy!!
We got pics of me and my best friend Nikolas... he got that little "pool" for Christmas...such a homie.

We got a pic of me and the lamb we ate Christmas eve night... ill send a better pic of me with the lamb head next week!
Then we got ourselves a pic of the comps and i in Trelew in our roadtrip crew!
Love yall!! Make goals and complete them!! Read the Book of Mormon! Act and not be acted upon!!
Elder Lamb

December 22, 2014


So my sister got married!!! CONGRATS!!! Too dope!! I am so happy for you!! I wish I could have been there to see everything!! I love seeing the Greens there and all the family! You can't get any better people than them!  I was thinking about it the other day as I was lying in my bed and it kinda hit me that she was getting married and I was just chillin sayin my prayers and was so insanely grateful for this gospel..everything is so perfect! You are now that much further on the path to Celestial exaltation! How tight is that!?
Well I am super excited to skype on Thursday! What time is best for all of you guys!? I was thinking like 4 pm here which would be 12 in the afternoon there! send me the username and all the jazz and we'll get this thing fired up!
Thanks for sending me pics dad! I love seeing all the cousins! 

It was so fun talking to Mitch... I was letting the elder I'm training practice answering the phone then he turns to me and says this guy Miguel with a strong accent wants to talk to you... his Portuguese Spanish accent was awesome! haha the first thing he said was Brockton it´s Mitch don't freak out.  I was so pumped! I also had to call Darren to tell him to activate Tres debit card.  It was so awesome to talk to him and hear how he's doing! I tried to call Jill first but she was at work.. Tres is doing awesome and is right on the beach in the northern warmer part of our mission.

Well we had a pancake and waffle lunch yesterday at the senior couples house and it was toooooooooooooo good.. one of the Assistants Elder Jeppson received maple syrup in a package so we took full advantage of that! I'll send some pics later!
Well I love you all... I am so grateful for Christmas and the opportunity we have to serve and to remember our savior Jesus Christ.. He had a humble birth.. He reached out to others and served.. the Pastores followed the shining star... now it is our turn to turn our heads to the star and follow in the path towards Christ.. 

Thank you for all of your prayers!!!

I thought that it was HILARIOUS Mckinley and Zac had to stop to pay a court fine for a hunting violation! 

Go out and make someones day this Christmas outing! 

Elder Lamb

December 16, 2014- Él el la DÁDIVA

Él el la DÁDIVA

Fam bam wam the man... whats gooooood???
So uhhhh my sister is getting married this week?!?!?!?!? WHAT???? I feel like it was just yesterday she was engaged and now she's getting married!! 
Oh and dad, the foods you mentioned are disgusting! They also have this sausage called morsilla that sucks!!! it's literally just all the dried up blood from the pig and they form it in the shape of sausage but it's purple and black and I thought it was a normal sausage and oh was I wrong!!!!! I cooked it up and I took a big bite and I can't even describe hard nasty it was... HARD PASS from that time on!
And Arizona!! goodness I miss those families so much!!!
So whats gonna be the schedule for skypin? Hopefully you will have some time for that still after all that's going down ahí!
This week has been CRAZY!! Everybody was transferred yesterday so I've just been super busy getting all the tickets and making everyone legal to travel! Honestly it's sooooooooooooooooo much work haha but it'll all be worth it... some day.. :)
13 people went home this week... and it was the first time that it was actually sad to see some of them go home.  So there's every type of missionary out here and I have been here in the office when the super truchos that were disobedient get sent home early and just the shame and embarrassment that goes along with that. Then I see the kids that were disobedient but worked pretty hard so they went home on time but pretty much just dragged all their companions down with them.. then there´s the coasters who just are there but don't do anything bad but don't do anything good either and nobody really misses them too much because they were too busy missing back home... but then there's the fieles.. the faithful who truly loved to serve and loved the people of Argentina.. yesterday 13 of our best missionaries went home and it was hard to see.  Watching them give their last testimonies was so powerful! They truly loved the people here! They loved this mission and they love our Savior! These different types of missionaries pertain to real life!

It's way too easy to coast and always have your mind wondering off and even if you think you are doing great you subconsciously know that your not.  I want to be able to say I gave it my all! I truly do love this mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here. 
More than everything I am so grateful for our Savior and for his eternal love for me.  
Thank you so much for your prayers!! THEY´RE WORKING!!:) Yesterday things were struggling a little bit trying to transport 100 missionaries at the same time with all their luggage from all over southern Argentina and there was a moment when I was super stressed and honestly didn't know what to do...I said a prayer asking for guidance then I thought about all the other people stressing out about the same thing I was stressing out... and there's a huge difference between me at that moment and others at the terminal dealing with the terrible service... at the end of the day I knew I was going to be able to go home to the apartment and read the words of Christ.. I knew I had a father in heaven looking out for our mission and I knew he wasn´t going to let anything slow this work from moving forward..we were able to work things out and they passed!!

Center your life around Christ and you can find happiness!!! Sometimes it might seem impossible but it's there.. :) 
Thank you for your support!!! I LOVE my life!!!:):)
MIRACLE!!! ok real quick!! We ran into this guy on the street name Jose Maria... He stopped us and said he liked what we were doing...we said thank you and asked if he knew about the church and what our purpose was.. he said yes and he told us his purpose was for us to teach him so that he could learn and then one day be smarter than us... we told him we would be honored and met up a time to meet with him... we took his info down and instead of us going to his house he just showed up at the church the next day which was last Friday.. we taught him a lesson and he said he wants to be baptized!!!! We told him about church on Sunday with pretty little hope that he was actually going to come because to be honest it just seemed to good to be true!! Guess who came to church on Sunday!? Our boy Jose Luis and guess who has a chess date tomorrow with him... this guy!!!! the 3 of January we're going to have a baptism in the office!!

Again... thank you for your prayers!!!!! They truly are working!! I took a picture with him Sunday night at the Christmas program...holy cow..trying to get these argentines to sing good might need a few more prayers... ;)
Sorry for the novel!! I haven't wrote in a minute!!!!! 
Love you all! 
Send me Pics!!
Elder Lamb

p.s. I'm training the new secretary so in 6 weeks i am outtaaahere!!!:)
Last pic with my boy Elder Nelson before he got transferred to the middle of nowhere haha

December 16, 2014


So uhh ya our door broke and it wouldn't open with the key and that's the only way in so we spent about 2 hours trying to break into our own apartment...finally had to borrow the neighbors ladder and crawl through a tiny window in the side of our apartment and then take the door apart from the inside completely off the hinges...it was quite the night... 

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1, 2014- Turnt up for Turkey!

December 1, 2014

Turnt up for turkey!! #nohaypavoacá

What is up famskies!! S/o to Ethan for his amazing talk!!! What a stud!!!!!! It has been a minute! Like literally felt like a minute since I was writing everyone...

So everything seems to be in wedding mode back home! Can't say I feel like I'm really missing out.. I wish could be there for the wedding but all the before stuff...ya hard pass.. haha

Everything out here is great....busy as ever! We actually had a legit Thanksgiving! President invited us as well as the assistants and the senior couple here to his house to have thanksgiving with them which was too amazing!! We had everything!! We had a turkey!! Nobody gets turkeys here! So the turkeys came from Brazil and we had stuffing and bread and rolls and jello...everything we could have dreamed of! Even pumpkin pie...(well squash pie because there aren't any pumpkins here either..) but still bomb! We were able to go around the table and say what we were thankful for and it was awesome to here such powerful testimonies.  The senior couple are unreal! Elder and Sister Carter from Orem.  Elder Carter was an engineering professor at BYU for over 30 years and it's INSANE how smart he is.  He has the world record speed time for an electric car in his class. He used to race out on the Salts Flats every year against people from all over the world! 
I'm so grateful for so many things!!! But especially the family!!
So yesterday we went to the terminal to buy some tickets and we saw these two white kids there...which isn't too crazy because half the people here are white but these guys had some backpacking backpacks with them and looked like they had been traveling a while.. Both were blonde and one had pretty straight teeth and that's when I knew they weren´t from here...so I went up said "hola como le va? están viajando por todo Argentina?" and the homie just looked at me confused but wanted to talk.. He mumbled something then I asked if they knew english and guess what? they did! it's my dream to run into people that know english. So it turns out that the one with straight teeth is from Germany.. he saved up 50,000 Euros to travel the world and the other kid is from Alaska and he worked on one of those crazy big and dangerous merchant ships in Alaska fishing to make his money to travel South America.  They met each other 10 days ago in Chile and while drunk the German asked this random Alaskan kid he met that night if he wanted to go travel the patagonia in Argentina and now they're here!!! They are both 19 and the kid from Alaska had a friend serving the mission in Chile.. super cool! We shared with them why we were here and our purpose and left them with some things to read.  haha They don't know a lick of spanish but how tight that they just decided to know the world!
I was reading in Our Search For Happiness by M Russell Ballard and he dropped some lines that were so simple but so powerful and meaningful.. He was talking about living a Christ-centered life. He wrote, "after the Spirit of Christ enters our hearts and our souls, we can never be the same again." How true is that... we know exactly what to.. we know the path that we should be on and there's no way I can deny that now! Another thing he said that I've been thinking about was that "It's hard to have a negative attitude about things if and when your life is focused on the Prince of Peace.." Just think about that and then tell me how true that is!!!
Love you all!!
Elder Corderitoooo

November 24, 2014

The Whisperer

This guy was screamin to the heavens after that lesson

Love my life..love Argentina..love the Patagonia..love the mission:)
Elder Lamb

(This goes with the picture where Brockton is showing the penguin the picture of Christ.)

President took us and the assistants to Camerones! It's this tiny fishing town about 3 hours north of Comodoro... we left super early in the morning and we were there with the penguins and whanackos (weird llamas) and foxes! It definitely made me appreciate the patagonia so much more!! it truly was sooo beautiful! I'll send more photos later!
President was just laughing when he saw me jumping between rocks in my church clothes.  He's totally normal and loves to have fun and laugh... such a blessing!

More picture from Camerones and a random drunk man that yelled at me while in line at the store.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 17, 2014-Que grande que sos:)

Que grande que sos:)

This week was so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much happened in such a short amount of time!!

So it was crazy trying to get everyone here! And Argentina had a bank strike so we couldn't even pull out money! It made it 1000 times more complicated and I'm still stunned everyone made it here on time and was able to hear the Prophet talk..... It was even better than expected!!!!
Elder D. Todd Christofferson came down to La Patagonia to talk with us missionaries and the members! Crazy side note...did you know his first name was David...I didn't until I went to his hotel to make sure he still had his reservation and the employee asked me for his name and I was like uhhh Christofferson? and he was like oh here I have it David Christofferson.  Anyway I just thought that was crazy.  So I Have a picture of Elder Nelson, Elder Hodgson and I driving the truck to go pick him up at the airport!  So crazy!  Elder Christofferson is the most calm person I have ever met.. You could just see the peace and love in his eyes and shaking his hand knowing he is one of the 12 apostles of God is something I am not going to forget!
The spirit was so strong...we had 150 missionaries in the same building singing Armies of Helaman in spanish and the spirit was just BOOMING!!  Then he spoke and left it open for questions and someone asked how can we still stay motivated when we get rejected all day every day.  He was so clutch!  He told us about John the Baptist and how he preached and how after he preached Jesus Christ preached.. He told us that we can't convert.. rather we are to provide the opportunity for the spirit and Jesus Christ to convert.  He told us every time we contact a house we are automatically bringing Jesus Christ closer to that family. He also talked about how Our loving Heavenly Father is willing to give us all the blessings in the world...and then asked us if we are preparing to receive them!
I'll talk more about what he said next week as well. I forgot my notes that I took in the pension. Oh but his spanish is bomb!
So awesome experience happened in church.. during the second hour is when we have a class with all the investigators and recent converts right. . So there is this super extremely shy recent convert named Fernanda.... she is in her thirties but super closed off and doesn't talk to anyone.. the lesson was on the spirit world and the life after this one.. whether it be in Spirit prison or paradise... The lesson was awesome and she didn't say a word the whole time and then finally her hand goes up and she said something..she talked about her niece who died and how she doesn't understand why her sister and brother-in-law were still happy after even though she dies... so I decided I could probably answer her and I opened up to my Harding scripture in D&C 137 and shared the scripture about how all those who die before the age of accountability are in the presence of our Heavenly Father and are saved... I shared about mom and dads experience with Harding and told her how of course it is hard but we have a Plan of Happiness for a reason:)  I told her how even 23 years after she passed we still talk about her and celebrate her birthday. Then she got emotional after telling her that this life is 80-90 years and the time we'll have with her is for eternity! Less than a blink of an eye is this lifetime compared to eternity but that's what makes our choices in this life worth so much when it comes to the great plan.  
I have a ton of photos to send!  Guess who I saw!  Bart!!  Finally!  Bart is about an hour and a half south of Comodoro and he seems to be doing great! I also got to see Tres again and all our friends in  Rio Grande! It was hectic having that many missionaries in one place!
I also added a photo of Elder Nelson and I with a typical day of being all covered up in money and passports!
I'll send more photos...

Elder Cordero

Got a picture of the truck that president lets me drive.. Ha he hasn't let any of the officers drive in a long time but we talked him into it. 
It's a nice manual Ford Ranger..so weird to drive after not having drove fore 8 months..
Then a pic of Tres and Hermana Heath! Awesome to see him again and catch up.. He's doin awesome in a great area.
And then Elder Thacker…he played ball at Layton on that team where Kincaid jacked 3 home runs...He's an awesome missionary and hilarious!

So another story...we were walking around in central and we came upon this guy sitting on the ground finger painting... he's a funny guy who goes around and finger paints these UNBELIEVABLE  paintings in less than two minutes... I have videos to show when I get home but they're too big to send.  It's the most impressive thing I have ever seen.  I had him paint Harding in the heavens and I was blown away! I can't wait for you guys to see it. I had him paint another one as well but it's a surprise. 

OK the AP's left to go out of town with the president and we knew they had food in their pension so we have been sleeping in their pension the past couple days and yesterday I was sitting their and was looking at the cereal so unbelievably happy and said..."gosh, it's so nice being able to look at food and knowing you will be able to get full after.. :) " haha it's such a battle out here for food!
Then there's the slide picture with Elder Nelson and Elder Hodgson... we went to this less active family and taught them a lesson and saw this slide and you can't pass up a slide like this here!!!
FYI- Argentine members take the Sabbath day to a whole new level here... I saw a soccer ball outside and starting dribbling it with my feet and got scolded by a member... ha the member kids here literally can't do ANYTHING on sundays... I'm just like where´s the wiffle ball bat let's get a game going!! haha It´s insane.. gotta love'em though!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 10, 2014-AN EXTRA POST!


Almost forgot...yesterday we had an amazing asado!! Asados are the best thing that has hit Argentina.  They just throw a ton of meat over the fire and call it good.  We ate so much!! It's family Tapia! They are less active and they have a daughter on the mission.  The dad is not a member so we're working with him.  We ate cow, chicken, sausages, pig, and lamb!!! Lamb might be my favorite meat now! Nothing better than some cordero de la patagonia! It was unreal...

November 10, 2014- Don't stop ….Believin!

Don't stop...believin!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REEGS!!!!!!!!! but hold on a second...15 is wayyyyyyy to old!
Same here mom...Reegs will always be 11 for me.

That's awesome you were able to head down to St. George this weekend.  I could just see Reegs tearin up those base paths;) 

This week has been AMAZING and super stressful at the same time.  So we have Elder Christofferson coming to the end of the world on Wednesday!!!! Everyone is so excited!!! But me...kinda...haha I am in charge of getting all 200 missionaries to the same place..showing up at the same time...in a corrupted government...I can't wait till this week is over!!! It's so crazy!! It makes me realize how stress-free life is being a normal missionary.  I am learning a ton but I can't even sleep at night with everything going on! Then you get missionaries losing their passports and DNI's to make it even better..

Anyways!! We actually had something amazing happen this week!! So we had to go rent a car in central and we were walking and in the plaza there was an outdoor concert going on.. and to give you some background...it's now me, Elder Nelson, and Elder Hodgson in the office.  Elder Nelson is training Elder Hodgson to be the new financer of the mission.  Kinda crazy..Elder Hodgson and I showed up on the same day to Argentina from the MTC but we didn´t see each other till this week 8 months later! Well Elder Hodgson has a scholarship with BYU to play piano and he wants to be a professor.....the kid is unnnnnreal!!!!!!! 

Anyway we see this outdoor concert and we're like... Hodgy...you gotta play!!! He was kinda timid at first but we went and talked to some of the homies standing by the stage and they were obviously interested why three big white homies were there.  We talked Hodgy up and told them he is a professional piano player and they jumped all over it.  SO they threw him up on stage and he started killin it!! The speakers were super loud and the people were cheerin! He started out kinda playing jazz type music and then he played some Piano Man! Everyones gettin pumped now and clappin along and then guess what happens...He starts playing some Journey!! Don't Stop Believin was on full blast!! Elder Nelson and I were leading the crowd and getting everyone pumped up!  AND then this homey from a rock band gets on stage and joins in with the drums!! I'm getting chills just thinking about it!! The people were going crazy!!! It was probably the coolest experience I've had on the mission because after that we were famous just because we were with Hodgy! haha There was a time when all three of us were a talking to three different groups of people teaching them about our savior and why we are here!!! They were astonished to hear about the things we left behind to come out here on the mission.  We were able to share our invitation for everyone to come closer to Christ and learn of Him. We took down all their names and directions and we are going to be passing by.  We asked someone to take a picture of just us three with the stage behind us and before we could even get a picture random poeple just jumped in!! Sickest night ever!! 

Oh and I got a video of this guy yelling at us for 20 minutes telling us why the Post Roman Catholic church is right... We were contacting this wealthy house and this old man came out and came up to the fence and started spitting on us he was so mad.  We just smiled and let him rant and said sorry for bothering him.  I asked him if i could cut his grass and pull his weeds and he yelled at me for trying to take away money from his landscaping people... it's so reassuring knowing that the Church of Jesus Christ is once again established on the earth and it doesn't matter what anyone tells you because you KNOW thats this is the true church restored in these latter days! 

I love you all!!

Goodluck with the wedding planning and everything!!!!
Feel free to send me pictures of St. George or just any pics to see what everyone's up to!!! 

Have a great week!! 
Elder Lamb

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014- SNOW


So guess what happened this week??? It snowed!!!!! So much!! Friday morning Elder Nelson and I woke up and looked out the window to see so much white!!  We are practically in summer here and it just snowed! We took some pictures and then by the afternoon it was completely gone as if it had never happened.

So this week has been INSANE! Buying over 100 bus tickets in a corrupt government with corrupt businesses in a different language is not easy... but we got'er done.  Today is transfers and it's just hectic trying to get everyone where they need to be and making sure everyone is legal to cross the border in chile down south and deal with the tools that work for the bus companies..absolutely insane. The good part is that miracles and the Lord are on our side so we're winning as of right now.  

That's CRAZY that Guthrie pitched in game 7!  And that he won game 3!  Whatta stud! I loved the article you sent me.  I remember how pumped he was when he heard i was serving.  He wanted to talk about his mission forever and the whole country can see what a great guy he is and he devotes it to his mission.  Stud. 
President was in Iguazu this week in a conference for all the mission presidents in south and he brought back some powerful stuff.  He talked a lot about how we need to have a relationship with our converts forever and it'll help them so I'm trying to contact my homies in Rio Grande and constituyentes.  I really hope to talk to them forever!
We got ourselves here some pictures in the snow:)
We made  a little Olaf:)
We went to lunch at this man's little chinese restaurant.  His name is Q and he escaped from China many years ago with his wife.  The first time he tried to escape China he was caught and he went to jail for 20 years!!  We were just chillin in Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina with this old chinese homie that was telling us all these stories about all the places he has been in the world.  SO CRAZY!!! We would say our orders in spanish then he would write it in characters!
I love that our responsibility is to talk with people! All we do is invite people to come to Christ!! So many ways to do it though....I love it:) So much:)
Thank you for everything.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014- El Captain

El Capitán (Novel Status) #myb

Hey Family!! I have been thinking a lot this week and I just thought I'd write some of it down!

Everyone needs to read Jesus the Christ!!!!

I am so beyond grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ.  I was thinking about it and it's unreal how fundamentally sound our Gospel is.  Jesus Christ was the only Begotten of the Father! He was the only one that could handle being Immortal and mortal.

I was so impressed when I was reading in John where Jesus Christ says, "I came down from heaven, not to do my will, but the will of Him that sent me. My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to Finish his work."  Goodness! It's so incredible! How incredibly selfless He is..I've been thinking about it and all we do is preach and teach about following the example of our brother Jesus Christ and I think about Jesus Christ.  All He was doing was fulfilling the will of the Father. So in turn by following the example of Jesus Christ we ourselves are completely fulfilling the will of our Father.  WE KNOW THE FINAL SCORE!! We know who is going to win! Jesus Christ atoned for the world! We use Him and we win.  He's definitely carrying the team on His back and our Father in Heaven is our Coach.  Jesus is another player that has endured with us since the beginning and will continue to carry us till the end! We are going to fall.  Bad things happen to good people and life seems unfair sometimes.  

I've been thinking about Brady a lot lately and I realized that I haven´t had to many people close to me die and it hit me hard.  If it wasn´t for the misery of our Father in heaven and for the atonement of Jesus Christ I don't know what I´d do.  Everyone has their propio plan.  Sometimes when we don't have anything else to do we have to have faith.  

I remember in the MTC when Reegan was in the hospital way sick, Brother Monson said some words that I will never forget.  He talked about the the words "Compassion" and "Sympathy."  Just think about those words.  He talked about the situation that I was in with Reegan being in the hospital.  We were on the subject of faith and I shared how I was hurting because my best friend was in the hospital and I was a few minutes away in the MTC not helping her and not with her.  He talked about how important faith is.  No matter what...always do what you need to do and always be where you need to be and have faith in the Plan..well that was hard.  

Then back to the words "compassion" and "sympathy."  Brother Monson shared with us that when bad things happen to people others can have sympathy for them because they feel bad for  them but they do not know exactly what they are going through.  I have so much sympathy for a lot people.  The Green family especially.  I have been praying for them so much and it's hard to accept that Brady is gone.  Then I think about an Elder in my zone.  Since the very first day I got to Argentina I have looked up to this Elder.  His name is Elder Smedley.  He is from Idaho.  I watched his demeanor and the way he carried himself and I strive to be as happy as he was.  Elder Smedley's father passed away this week and it's something I can't imagine.  I have so much sympathy for him and his family.  He talked to his family through skype and I couldn´t believe how strong they are.  He was smiling and they were talking about their dad being in heaven now and not only can he speak in spanish but he can speak in every language.  I can't imagine it....but Jesus Christ can.  He has compassion for every single one of us.  He knows how it feels to lose a son and a dad.  

We NEVER have to go through the pain alone.  Jesus is on our team carrying us! I know He is helping and blessing Elder Smedley to keep staying positive.  He still carries a smile and hugs every single one of us and tells us he loves us.  Jesus Christ did two things through the atonement-
1) "The universal redemption of the human race from death invoked by the fall of Adam and Eve and 
2) Salvation! whereby means of an escape from sin.

Christ has compassion for the Green's.  He has compassion for Elder Smedley and his family.  We have to trust in our Brother.  We have to trust in the Plan of the One who sent Him and the One who sent each and every one of us to this world for a purpose. If we follow the example that Jesus Christ has shown to us then we will "sí o sí" be able to stand at that last day knowing we did God's will.       

Jose- who was inactive for 10 years is now fully back in the church and we have the most spiritual lessons with him.  He is in his 50's and lives alone.  This past week at church he volunteered to clean the church every Saturday and I was crying.  You don't realise how hard it is to get people to serve down here! He wants to serve! 

We had a baptism this week in the district and we sang Oh My Father switching off versus in english and spanish! It was so spiritual!!! Then bishop asked us to sing it again on Sunday.  It was just 4 of us and I can't explain how amazing it felt to sing this hymn in the tune to Come thou Fount! One of the greatest experiences! We had the whole room crying!! So weird to sing in english again but so powerful to switch off languages! 
There is so much spirit in music!

I love the mission.... its hard... so much rejection but the thing is...I know I am where I am supposed to be... I am trying to following the example of our brother Jesus Christ...so all the rejection literally doesn´t get to me at all.  We think about how much Jesus was rejected and it puts me in my place real quick.

Don't give up---don't ever give up on yourself and especially your Savior. 

I love you all and I am praying for everyone! 

I am excited that the family is going back down to AZ.  Try to find Zig!! 

Con todo mi cariño
Elder Brockton Lamb

Clean House!

Me and Elder Nelson.  What we got here is our pension.  We got a before and after pic.  Don't judge on the before...but definitely respect the after:)
We did some remodeling and found a new couch!! Now it's great!

Elder Nelson, Elder Watkins and Me.  We send this pic to the whole mission. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 20, 2014- Throw it!


Wow.....time is flying!!  How is everyone?   I told President he's bottling me up in here and as soon as I leave I'm going to blow up.
But then I think about it and I'm so beyond grateful.  Not gonna lie...Sunday is probably my least favorite day on the mission.  Waiting for investigator's and then just a punch to the gut when they don't come.  This week was different though.  We had some great lessons in church

In Sunday school we had a return missionary teach us about the roles of the family and guess what.  A member in our ward brought his friend who is not a member and he loved it.  We talked about the roles of the family and I (again) realized how blessed I am for the family I have.  They asked for examples of things we saw in our parents that we want to instill in our lives and I shared how with my parents it didn't matter if they had a good or bad day at work they left work at work and came home and were the greatest examples for us.  I'm so beyond grateful for that.  

We also talked in church about our potential and I've always been intrigued by this topic.  It scares me as well because sometimes I think of how my Heavenly Father might see me and I know he see's me so much better than I am.   It made me think of a baseball game back when I was 12.  We were the Chandler Rebels and i was playing shortstop.  I forget who we were playing but dad was coaching and had Shawn right by him.  We were on defense and I was there waiting for the pitch to be thrown and when our pitcher tossed it I read the angle of the bat well and I got a jump on the ground ball.  It wasn't too hardly hit but it was far up the middle.  I ran over to it and knew I wasn´t going to get it in time so I dove for it with all the extension of my body.  Barely hitting the web the ball went in the glove.  In that instant I was stunned I had the ball but I thought it was all for not because I didn't think I would be able to stand up and throw the runner out at first.  As I hesitated for a second I remember dad yell from the dugout "THROW THE BALL!!!"  Not thinking twice I obeyed and with everything I had I threw it over to first.  It was a bang bang play at first and I threw the runner out.  It was the third out and I ran back in the dugout stunned because I didn't think I had a chance on the play.  Dad came up to me and said "why did you do that?! Just get up and get rid of it from now on."  Shawn was laughing because of how obedient I was to the command that dad gave me in the moment when just before I had it set in my mind that I wasn't going to waste the throw to first. 
I have thought a lot about this lately and it makes me think of our Father in Heaven.  He knows our potential.  He knows our limits.  He's not going to put us through something that we can't handle.  He knows we can dive and get back up.  It's obeying what He says is the important thing.  When he says to do something... do it.  Even if we think it's going to be a wasted effort or it seems to be out of reach.  I didn't think I would make the throw but dad did knew I could.
I am so grateful to have a Father in Heaven that knows my potential and has placed everything and everybody in my life to help me reach that potential.  He has done that with all of His children and it is our responsibility and work to help our brothers and sisters see their potential.  Potential is only a word though if we don't strive to achieve it.  There´s a saying that this missionary gave me. Hell is when the man you are meets the man you could have been.
I love being a missionary.  I know I am changing my life out here.  I know that the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father isn´t easy..but it's worth it.  We have to remember though that all we need to do is get up, throw the ball and always be willing to change depending on what our Father in Heaven says:)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!:):) Have a great week!
Elder Lamb

Thursday, October 16, 2014


What's good fam?:):)  Sooo yup this week has been super busy and stressful but I have grown a lot.. kinda.

So working a ton with trámites and all the paperwork in spanish is... different.  I honestly am grateful in a way because I know when they send me out of the office I am going to explode like a firework and work SOOOOOOOOO absolutely hard! I am learning so much and we have been able to leave and the best part is that Elder Watkins is going to a new area now.  We were a trio with me, him , and Elder Nelson but now Elder Watkins left and Elder Nelson and I already set some amazing goals to get out as much as we can and take advantage of every second while working in here.  

It's such a blessing having Elder Nelson in here with me or else it would be awful.  We are constantly crying because we're laughing so hard and having a great time.  Today we ate at President's house which was awesome and I haven't had that quality of food in a minute! 

No time! Love you all!!! 

Our pension is so clean................. :)

Elder Lamb

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 6, 2014- Conferencia General!!



Second.... I loved seeing the picture of everyone at priesthood session. Weird seein that many blondes in one place!!
Third...we climbed a mountain this morning... super dope.. no doubt i'll send some picks:)
Conference was AMAZING!!!:) I watched all Saturday sessions and priesthood in spanish and then in english on Sunday.  I thought the same thing mom.. everyone was so real and pretty direct! They made clear that this earthly life was not about to get any easier so they provided us with tools to fight against temptation and sin.

Elder Scott could not have said it any better.. 1 Prayer 2. Study the scriptures 3. Family Home Evening 4. Go to the temple. Just think how much easier it is to be on the right path if we lived those four principles.  I still remember when we were very little and in the Chandler house when dad busted out the Plan of Salvation map and taught us the Plan of Happiness.  Since then I always had the Plan subconsciously in my mind and I knew I was jeopardizing celestial glory when I made a mistake.  I am so grateful for that. 
I also loved how Elder Ballard said to stay focused on the little things.  It's the constant prayer and scripture study that allows us to have the Holy Spirit with us.  We can't overlook things that seem so easy and simple.  I was nailed with the spirit when Allan F. Packer quoted and said that we have the doctrine of Jesus Christ on the earth, as well as the temples and now the technology.  All we need now is the people who are willing to work.
So much is hitting my head right now.  Elder Bednar could not have had a better talk.  I am so grateful for the words he shared.  The story about his two little sons was awesome and so true.  We want to share with the world what has helped us and brought us happiness in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones.  Absolute truth exists and we invite people to come and see for themselves:) How wonderful is that!
The spirit was so strong when the two latin speakers gave their talks in spanish.  It's a different spirit when it doesn't have to be translated.  Venid a mi.  Seguidme! 
SUCH A REFRESHER! It's crazy to think about that what we hear is coming straight from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  "Whether mine own voice or the voice of my servant, it is the same."
They encouraged us to change things in our life and rethink our priorities if we need to and I am going to take that challenge and try and live how my Savior expects me to live.
We have a living Prophet hoy en día!! Qué más queremos! He knows EXACTLY what we need to do to have celestial glory,  how can we afford not to listen and apply his words!
Thank you for all the support! Love everyone!
S/o to Garry again just because I loved seeing you so much on screen singing during Priesthood session.
Elder Lamb