Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 20, 2014- Throw it!


Wow.....time is flying!!  How is everyone?   I told President he's bottling me up in here and as soon as I leave I'm going to blow up.
But then I think about it and I'm so beyond grateful.  Not gonna lie...Sunday is probably my least favorite day on the mission.  Waiting for investigator's and then just a punch to the gut when they don't come.  This week was different though.  We had some great lessons in church

In Sunday school we had a return missionary teach us about the roles of the family and guess what.  A member in our ward brought his friend who is not a member and he loved it.  We talked about the roles of the family and I (again) realized how blessed I am for the family I have.  They asked for examples of things we saw in our parents that we want to instill in our lives and I shared how with my parents it didn't matter if they had a good or bad day at work they left work at work and came home and were the greatest examples for us.  I'm so beyond grateful for that.  

We also talked in church about our potential and I've always been intrigued by this topic.  It scares me as well because sometimes I think of how my Heavenly Father might see me and I know he see's me so much better than I am.   It made me think of a baseball game back when I was 12.  We were the Chandler Rebels and i was playing shortstop.  I forget who we were playing but dad was coaching and had Shawn right by him.  We were on defense and I was there waiting for the pitch to be thrown and when our pitcher tossed it I read the angle of the bat well and I got a jump on the ground ball.  It wasn't too hardly hit but it was far up the middle.  I ran over to it and knew I wasn´t going to get it in time so I dove for it with all the extension of my body.  Barely hitting the web the ball went in the glove.  In that instant I was stunned I had the ball but I thought it was all for not because I didn't think I would be able to stand up and throw the runner out at first.  As I hesitated for a second I remember dad yell from the dugout "THROW THE BALL!!!"  Not thinking twice I obeyed and with everything I had I threw it over to first.  It was a bang bang play at first and I threw the runner out.  It was the third out and I ran back in the dugout stunned because I didn't think I had a chance on the play.  Dad came up to me and said "why did you do that?! Just get up and get rid of it from now on."  Shawn was laughing because of how obedient I was to the command that dad gave me in the moment when just before I had it set in my mind that I wasn't going to waste the throw to first. 
I have thought a lot about this lately and it makes me think of our Father in Heaven.  He knows our potential.  He knows our limits.  He's not going to put us through something that we can't handle.  He knows we can dive and get back up.  It's obeying what He says is the important thing.  When he says to do something... do it.  Even if we think it's going to be a wasted effort or it seems to be out of reach.  I didn't think I would make the throw but dad did knew I could.
I am so grateful to have a Father in Heaven that knows my potential and has placed everything and everybody in my life to help me reach that potential.  He has done that with all of His children and it is our responsibility and work to help our brothers and sisters see their potential.  Potential is only a word though if we don't strive to achieve it.  There´s a saying that this missionary gave me. Hell is when the man you are meets the man you could have been.
I love being a missionary.  I know I am changing my life out here.  I know that the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father isn´t easy..but it's worth it.  We have to remember though that all we need to do is get up, throw the ball and always be willing to change depending on what our Father in Heaven says:)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!:):) Have a great week!
Elder Lamb

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