Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1, 2014- Turnt up for Turkey!

December 1, 2014

Turnt up for turkey!! #nohaypavoacá

What is up famskies!! S/o to Ethan for his amazing talk!!! What a stud!!!!!! It has been a minute! Like literally felt like a minute since I was writing everyone...

So everything seems to be in wedding mode back home! Can't say I feel like I'm really missing out.. I wish could be there for the wedding but all the before stuff...ya hard pass.. haha

Everything out here is great....busy as ever! We actually had a legit Thanksgiving! President invited us as well as the assistants and the senior couple here to his house to have thanksgiving with them which was too amazing!! We had everything!! We had a turkey!! Nobody gets turkeys here! So the turkeys came from Brazil and we had stuffing and bread and rolls and jello...everything we could have dreamed of! Even pumpkin pie...(well squash pie because there aren't any pumpkins here either..) but still bomb! We were able to go around the table and say what we were thankful for and it was awesome to here such powerful testimonies.  The senior couple are unreal! Elder and Sister Carter from Orem.  Elder Carter was an engineering professor at BYU for over 30 years and it's INSANE how smart he is.  He has the world record speed time for an electric car in his class. He used to race out on the Salts Flats every year against people from all over the world! 
I'm so grateful for so many things!!! But especially the family!!
So yesterday we went to the terminal to buy some tickets and we saw these two white kids there...which isn't too crazy because half the people here are white but these guys had some backpacking backpacks with them and looked like they had been traveling a while.. Both were blonde and one had pretty straight teeth and that's when I knew they weren´t from here...so I went up said "hola como le va? están viajando por todo Argentina?" and the homie just looked at me confused but wanted to talk.. He mumbled something then I asked if they knew english and guess what? they did! it's my dream to run into people that know english. So it turns out that the one with straight teeth is from Germany.. he saved up 50,000 Euros to travel the world and the other kid is from Alaska and he worked on one of those crazy big and dangerous merchant ships in Alaska fishing to make his money to travel South America.  They met each other 10 days ago in Chile and while drunk the German asked this random Alaskan kid he met that night if he wanted to go travel the patagonia in Argentina and now they're here!!! They are both 19 and the kid from Alaska had a friend serving the mission in Chile.. super cool! We shared with them why we were here and our purpose and left them with some things to read.  haha They don't know a lick of spanish but how tight that they just decided to know the world!
I was reading in Our Search For Happiness by M Russell Ballard and he dropped some lines that were so simple but so powerful and meaningful.. He was talking about living a Christ-centered life. He wrote, "after the Spirit of Christ enters our hearts and our souls, we can never be the same again." How true is that... we know exactly what to.. we know the path that we should be on and there's no way I can deny that now! Another thing he said that I've been thinking about was that "It's hard to have a negative attitude about things if and when your life is focused on the Prince of Peace.." Just think about that and then tell me how true that is!!!
Love you all!!
Elder Corderitoooo

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