Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 17, 2014-Que grande que sos:)

Que grande que sos:)

This week was so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much happened in such a short amount of time!!

So it was crazy trying to get everyone here! And Argentina had a bank strike so we couldn't even pull out money! It made it 1000 times more complicated and I'm still stunned everyone made it here on time and was able to hear the Prophet talk..... It was even better than expected!!!!
Elder D. Todd Christofferson came down to La Patagonia to talk with us missionaries and the members! Crazy side note...did you know his first name was David...I didn't until I went to his hotel to make sure he still had his reservation and the employee asked me for his name and I was like uhhh Christofferson? and he was like oh here I have it David Christofferson.  Anyway I just thought that was crazy.  So I Have a picture of Elder Nelson, Elder Hodgson and I driving the truck to go pick him up at the airport!  So crazy!  Elder Christofferson is the most calm person I have ever met.. You could just see the peace and love in his eyes and shaking his hand knowing he is one of the 12 apostles of God is something I am not going to forget!
The spirit was so strong...we had 150 missionaries in the same building singing Armies of Helaman in spanish and the spirit was just BOOMING!!  Then he spoke and left it open for questions and someone asked how can we still stay motivated when we get rejected all day every day.  He was so clutch!  He told us about John the Baptist and how he preached and how after he preached Jesus Christ preached.. He told us that we can't convert.. rather we are to provide the opportunity for the spirit and Jesus Christ to convert.  He told us every time we contact a house we are automatically bringing Jesus Christ closer to that family. He also talked about how Our loving Heavenly Father is willing to give us all the blessings in the world...and then asked us if we are preparing to receive them!
I'll talk more about what he said next week as well. I forgot my notes that I took in the pension. Oh but his spanish is bomb!
So awesome experience happened in church.. during the second hour is when we have a class with all the investigators and recent converts right. . So there is this super extremely shy recent convert named Fernanda.... she is in her thirties but super closed off and doesn't talk to anyone.. the lesson was on the spirit world and the life after this one.. whether it be in Spirit prison or paradise... The lesson was awesome and she didn't say a word the whole time and then finally her hand goes up and she said something..she talked about her niece who died and how she doesn't understand why her sister and brother-in-law were still happy after even though she dies... so I decided I could probably answer her and I opened up to my Harding scripture in D&C 137 and shared the scripture about how all those who die before the age of accountability are in the presence of our Heavenly Father and are saved... I shared about mom and dads experience with Harding and told her how of course it is hard but we have a Plan of Happiness for a reason:)  I told her how even 23 years after she passed we still talk about her and celebrate her birthday. Then she got emotional after telling her that this life is 80-90 years and the time we'll have with her is for eternity! Less than a blink of an eye is this lifetime compared to eternity but that's what makes our choices in this life worth so much when it comes to the great plan.  
I have a ton of photos to send!  Guess who I saw!  Bart!!  Finally!  Bart is about an hour and a half south of Comodoro and he seems to be doing great! I also got to see Tres again and all our friends in  Rio Grande! It was hectic having that many missionaries in one place!
I also added a photo of Elder Nelson and I with a typical day of being all covered up in money and passports!
I'll send more photos...

Elder Cordero

Got a picture of the truck that president lets me drive.. Ha he hasn't let any of the officers drive in a long time but we talked him into it. 
It's a nice manual Ford Ranger..so weird to drive after not having drove fore 8 months..
Then a pic of Tres and Hermana Heath! Awesome to see him again and catch up.. He's doin awesome in a great area.
And then Elder Thacker…he played ball at Layton on that team where Kincaid jacked 3 home runs...He's an awesome missionary and hilarious!

So another story...we were walking around in central and we came upon this guy sitting on the ground finger painting... he's a funny guy who goes around and finger paints these UNBELIEVABLE  paintings in less than two minutes... I have videos to show when I get home but they're too big to send.  It's the most impressive thing I have ever seen.  I had him paint Harding in the heavens and I was blown away! I can't wait for you guys to see it. I had him paint another one as well but it's a surprise. 

OK the AP's left to go out of town with the president and we knew they had food in their pension so we have been sleeping in their pension the past couple days and yesterday I was sitting their and was looking at the cereal so unbelievably happy and said..."gosh, it's so nice being able to look at food and knowing you will be able to get full after.. :) " haha it's such a battle out here for food!
Then there's the slide picture with Elder Nelson and Elder Hodgson... we went to this less active family and taught them a lesson and saw this slide and you can't pass up a slide like this here!!!
FYI- Argentine members take the Sabbath day to a whole new level here... I saw a soccer ball outside and starting dribbling it with my feet and got scolded by a member... ha the member kids here literally can't do ANYTHING on sundays... I'm just like where´s the wiffle ball bat let's get a game going!! haha It´s insane.. gotta love'em though!!!

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