Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 10, 2014- Don't stop ….Believin!

Don't stop...believin!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REEGS!!!!!!!!! but hold on a second...15 is wayyyyyyy to old!
Same here mom...Reegs will always be 11 for me.

That's awesome you were able to head down to St. George this weekend.  I could just see Reegs tearin up those base paths;) 

This week has been AMAZING and super stressful at the same time.  So we have Elder Christofferson coming to the end of the world on Wednesday!!!! Everyone is so excited!!! But me...kinda...haha I am in charge of getting all 200 missionaries to the same place..showing up at the same time...in a corrupted government...I can't wait till this week is over!!! It's so crazy!! It makes me realize how stress-free life is being a normal missionary.  I am learning a ton but I can't even sleep at night with everything going on! Then you get missionaries losing their passports and DNI's to make it even better..

Anyways!! We actually had something amazing happen this week!! So we had to go rent a car in central and we were walking and in the plaza there was an outdoor concert going on.. and to give you some background...it's now me, Elder Nelson, and Elder Hodgson in the office.  Elder Nelson is training Elder Hodgson to be the new financer of the mission.  Kinda crazy..Elder Hodgson and I showed up on the same day to Argentina from the MTC but we didn´t see each other till this week 8 months later! Well Elder Hodgson has a scholarship with BYU to play piano and he wants to be a professor.....the kid is unnnnnreal!!!!!!! 

Anyway we see this outdoor concert and we're like... Hodgy...you gotta play!!! He was kinda timid at first but we went and talked to some of the homies standing by the stage and they were obviously interested why three big white homies were there.  We talked Hodgy up and told them he is a professional piano player and they jumped all over it.  SO they threw him up on stage and he started killin it!! The speakers were super loud and the people were cheerin! He started out kinda playing jazz type music and then he played some Piano Man! Everyones gettin pumped now and clappin along and then guess what happens...He starts playing some Journey!! Don't Stop Believin was on full blast!! Elder Nelson and I were leading the crowd and getting everyone pumped up!  AND then this homey from a rock band gets on stage and joins in with the drums!! I'm getting chills just thinking about it!! The people were going crazy!!! It was probably the coolest experience I've had on the mission because after that we were famous just because we were with Hodgy! haha There was a time when all three of us were a talking to three different groups of people teaching them about our savior and why we are here!!! They were astonished to hear about the things we left behind to come out here on the mission.  We were able to share our invitation for everyone to come closer to Christ and learn of Him. We took down all their names and directions and we are going to be passing by.  We asked someone to take a picture of just us three with the stage behind us and before we could even get a picture random poeple just jumped in!! Sickest night ever!! 

Oh and I got a video of this guy yelling at us for 20 minutes telling us why the Post Roman Catholic church is right... We were contacting this wealthy house and this old man came out and came up to the fence and started spitting on us he was so mad.  We just smiled and let him rant and said sorry for bothering him.  I asked him if i could cut his grass and pull his weeds and he yelled at me for trying to take away money from his landscaping people... it's so reassuring knowing that the Church of Jesus Christ is once again established on the earth and it doesn't matter what anyone tells you because you KNOW thats this is the true church restored in these latter days! 

I love you all!!

Goodluck with the wedding planning and everything!!!!
Feel free to send me pictures of St. George or just any pics to see what everyone's up to!!! 

Have a great week!! 
Elder Lamb

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