Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, March 31, 2014


Wow the days are starting to all blur together.  I was looking through
my journal and realized a lot happened this week.

First of all, i have a new appreciation for Mission President´s and
their wives.  Oh my goodness they have to deal with a lot of
stuff...ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  haha On Tuesday we had interviews with
President and Sister Rodgers.  Not gonna lie, I was beyond excited to
finally talk to them.  My area is so far south they had to fly halfway
here then take a 8 hour bus ride.  Like i feel like I can see
Antarctica.  The interviews were an all day process.  We did a bunch
of practice work on how to ask people to be baptized and i loved it.
I wish my companion would like it though.

Anyways...President was a big fan of my Cole Haans.  And yes..it was
the first time i took them out of the suitcase haha.  We talked a lot
about everything and it has motivated me to work even harder.  He has
a lot of trust in me and see´s me in a leadership position soon.
Sister Rodgers met with everyone as well.  Bless her heart.  She is so
nice but lays down the law as well! haha She´s more scary than
President.  She asked about the family and i just lost it. haha I
thought i appreciated you guys before the mission but now it´s unreal.
I told her how much mom and dad sacrificed to have the amazing
upbringing we have and had.  This also motivated me as well.

Elder Salas didn´t know what was about to hit him.  haha we went to
work this week!  I am so grateful for the area I'm in.  It's super
poor and there are only two options for work.  You either work in the
fabricas which are like the mass produced electronics on a conveyer
line system or in construction.  One of the main fabricas just moved
to another location so there are soooo many people without work.  Way
sad.  So basically everyone does construction in some way.  So
basically,  there is a lot of opportunity for service.

The only baptisms we have scheduled are the people i just went up and
asked to help dig a hole or place their fence.  I love it.  The
language is progressing every day and I´m so grateful.  Everyone has a
different accent and words they use to it still takes time to adjust
to certain people but when they talk normal i can understand

I also found out this week that we were supposed to be doing a 12 week
new missionary program between Elder Salas and I.  When President
asked me about it I kinda just looked at him and was like ya I have no
idea what that is.  He just laughed and said don´t worry about it.  I
guess in the plan the new missionary doesn´t ask someone to be
baptized till the 6 week i think.  haha there´s no way i could have
waited 6 weeks.

Miracle:  Juan Carlos came to church again! and a menos activo
familia!  We were on our way to church and then we got a text from a
new investigator asking if she could come to church!!!!!!!!! haha we
started running to the church to find someone to drive us to her house
to pick up her and her son!  I took a picture of the moment haha i
almost cried i was so happy.

We also had to teach Tomas about the Law of Chastity and he has a
girlfriend for 3 years.  He was like pumped.  She moved out and he
said he would obey.  This 9 year old in the ward who´s family is less
active wants to be baptized! He´s so sick. His name is Eury and his
family is from the Dominican Republic.

Elder Salas sets the goals for the month and gives them so the zone
leaders.  I thought he was setting goals for the week!! Definitely
switched some numbers.  WE ARE TO GO TO WORK THIS MONTH!!

Oh also one of our investigators made just for me a ton of empanadas!
I'll send a picture but seriously i couldn't breathe after.  Her name
is Georgina and she is like 60 and a saint!! We always teach somebody
new in her house because she is friends with EVERYONE!!!! Her only
setback is that she thinks church is in her heart so getting her to
attend church is a pain!  If i ever come back to this country i'd
visit her first!

Oh how did i almost forget.. Boca and River played last night!  This
is the second biggest rivalry in sports history and i can see why!
Elder Salas is River and I'm for Boca.  River is Red and White and
reminds me of the Yankee's because of all their money and appearance.
Boca is blue and yellow and just tough!  Yesterday sucked because
everyone and their dog (literally) were watching the game.  River won
so that sucked but Elder Salas was pumped and everyone else in the
streets freaking out.

Gosh the more i read about Alma the more I'm amazed!  He worked his
butt off for his whole life after he was converted.  Even when he was
very old and he wasn't planning on going out with his sons to preach
he was "wrestless" and had to go out and serve.  That's the qualities
i want to have!  Jesus Christ atoned for every single persons sins and
unless these people know that and repent then that pain that Jesus
went through for them is all for naught!

I love being a missionary!  It didn't hit me till i got here how long
24 months are but i'm gonna make them count! I think of what Coach
Homestead says all the time,  "if what you did yesterday still looks
good today,  you haven´t done much today"     Hoy es el dia para la
gente a preparar a reunir con Dios.  Estoy agredecido para esta
opportunidad a compartir este evangelio con cada persona!

Love you all and have a great week:)
Le amo,
Elder Lamb

                                       Running to go pick up an investigator for church

                                             Elder Lamb and Georgina = Empanadas

                                        Elders Lamb and Tarwater wrestling - awesome!

Beautiful Sunsets

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