Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Friday, May 9, 2014

May 5, 2014, EL FIN DEL MUNDO!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNNER!!! 17!! what the heck?? i felt like i was so old
when i turned 17 haha 1 year you can serve!! how crazy is that!!!

So this week has been a definite testimony builder! We had a meeting
with Elder Gonzalez of the 70 on Thursday and that was AMAZING!!!!!
The meeting was in Ushaia which is the mission just south of ours.  I
know...you probably didn't think we could go any more south...but we
did.  The area/city is called Ushaia (ooshwya) haha.

So turns out Argentina is super beautiful.  It is literally the end of
the world hence the El fin del mundo.  The mountains are beyond
description and the city is so beautiful.  There is a lot of money
there but the people are still pretty chill.

I love Sister Rogers.  Every time our mission president's wife talks
it makes me miss mom because her analogies and her "cute" ways to
convey a point is hilarious and so spiritual.  She gave us all a
little card that has a ship in the storm in it and it says "a ship is
safe at the port but that is not the purpose of a ship."

The mission is tough at times but that's how it's supposed to be! I
miss the security and a lot of things back home but that's not where
I'm supposed to be.  President shared how he was very worried about a
lot of the missionaries in our mission and was struggling a little bit
with this.  Then his son reminded him of all the people praying for
him back home and all the support he had and that helped a ton.  I was
thinking about that as well and I am so grateful for the support I
have back home.
I met a missionary this week whose parents don't talk to him anymore
and he has no support.  that would be so hard.

We have a little investigator Milagros who i have been talking about.
She is the only member of her family that comes to church.  She wakes
up before everyone in her house.  Makes herself breakfast and waits in
the car for one of her parents to drop her off at church.  She is
going to be baptized this week or next week.  Depends on another
investigator we have.

I want these people to have a temple sooooooooooo bad.  So many
members are missing out on a temple marriage and it's so sad!!! It
makes me sick that I had so many temples to ride a bike to and these
people have to save up for years just for the travel!!!!!!


oh ya i get to skype the fam next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a
skype account and I'll make one as well then next week I'll email you
for your account and on Sunday at around 3 o'clock here we'll skype!

Love you all,
Elder Lamb

p.s. Everytime we pray with a catholic they repeat everything we say
and I was in tears I was laughing so hard with one of our
investigator´s who after everything was saying Gracas Jesus and like
chanting throughout the prayer.  Good stuff down at the end of the
world...good stuff.

We know how to make that good bread (Elder Tarwater). / the hair is
goooooone:( never easy saying goodbye.......

I'm no Dan McCombie but i thought this pic was pretty dope.... im
standing in Argentina and those mountains way back there are in

Ushuaia is sooooo sick! Takin the family here after the mish for sure:)

While our boys are serving in Argentina we ran into each other at BYU
Women's Conference 2014:  Mission Mom's Jill Tarwater & Corie Lamb

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