Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 25, 2014- Quiero vivir en Ushuaia:)

This past week has been AMAZING!!  Milagros was finally baptized!!  It's going to be hard to leave! I love that family so much! Her parents are so supportive! They don't have very much money but Milagro's dad did whatever he could to have a suit for her baptism!  We had their close friend and our amazing mission leader Hermano Alvarado baptize her which was awesome!!

So yesterday in celebration of this mission being 1 year's old we went to Ushuaia! I am obsessed! The most southern city in the world.. super super cold but AMAZING!! We went on this huge boat to visit some sites that were unreal! I took more pictures that I'll send:)  Tres and I are having a ton of fun and it's the best having him here to have all these memories with!!

Oh and Argentina is CRAZY about the world cup.  While they're playing everything is shut down and it's impossible to visit anyone haha and when they win the streets are filled with cars and marching fans honking their horns and freaking out! I just hope they keep winning! The states are playing good as well. Too bad they can't play defense for just a minute longer! 

Elder Lamb

Sea Lions!! So many sea lions it's insane!!!! They weren't scared at all either. They would swim right up to the boat and play in the wake from behind. Look up lobos marinos on google images.  My picture doesn't do justice. They are a South American sea lion and we saw hundreds!

These are the missionaries in the zone of Rio Grande! Last week before transfers. I don't want to leave this zone! So many good memories and people! 

Milagro's Baptism

Gotta take some advantage of an outdoor big screen;)  Argentina is CRAZY about soccer!! They are doin work too! They're not huge Messi fans which is surprising but it's kinda like Lebron to them.  Gotta respect him but not everyone likes him. 


Me and Elder Tarwater.  Apparently this light house is super super famous but it was super old and hyped up too much haha but it was still sweet.  Crazy cool history about this place that's very interesting.

Tres and Hermana Heath from Utah! Whenever we get together we talk about the food back home and how convenient everything was haha I love it.

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