Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Friday, June 20, 2014

The mud life:) June 16, 2014

I LOVE ZACH HAWS!!!! Bro that is easily the second best mish in the
game right now!!! Legit you are going to LOVE it!!!!

I love hearing about the softball reegs! Keep doin work!

So this week has been awesome!  We talked to Milagro yesterday and
asked her if she's still excited to be baptized even though it got
pushed back a little bit and she's literally counting the days till
her new date which is this coming week!

I just wrote in my weekly letter to President that I would not be mad
at all if he wanted to keep me in Rio Grande for another transfer haha
I don't want to leave these people here!! So many Christ-like people
it's insane!

I have to share this experience we has with Ramón.  His house is made
out of ply-wood.  He has no money to feed his little animals and birds
as well as himself.  He is going through some struggles and addictions
that we're helping him with and have made a game plan with him for him
to overcome.  Anyways we were at his house Saturday night and we
didn't have lunch and probably weren't going to have dinner.  Ramón
had someone come over while we were there who was going to buy 3 of
his birds.  Ramón had 4 pesos which is like 50 cents and after he sold
his birds he had 300 pesos which is like 40 dollars.  He went right
then and there and bought onions, tomatoes, garlic, hamburgers, bread,
fruit, snickers bars (i didn't even know they sold those here!) and
sunflower seeds. I was practically begging him to keep it all for
himself and eat it throughout the week but he wouldn't let us.  He
told us we can't not eat or just eat noodles and fed us there and sent
us home with food... I just started crying saying the prayer leaving
his house.  I couldn't believe there are people this giving!  Any time
he has a tiny bit of money he calls us over to have lunch or dinner!
It's easy to see now how half the priesthood in our ward is because of

Georgina is my grandma out here and she ALWAYS hooks us up with so
much food as soon as we walk through her door! I am SO BLESSED to know
these people and they have forever changed my life.

I think i saw a picture of Eli actually doing work... the mission has
changed him;)

Elder Lamb

2 colorados estan caminando todo lado en el fin del mundo... extraño.... haha
Me and Elder Hervey

Love IT!!!

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