Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Como estan??!!! This week has flown by!!!!! i can't believe i can already email again!!!!! Thank you so much for the packages!! Everything is amazing!!!!!! The gift of tongues is so real its inseane! My spanish is progressing everyday!!! i should be fluent by the time i leave the MTC.. atleast thats what our teachers are telling me! It was really hard to hear Reegan was sick! But D&C 31 reassured me that the best place for me to be if a family member is sick is right here! I talked about her a lot on sunday during our meeting and challenged everybody to work harder and forget themselves.  We are all here on the Lord's time. Not ours. There has been so many people praying for her and showing me support which has been breathtaking.  The huge samoan Elder Maluia is one of the nicest humans to ever walk this earth and he was/is so supportive and genuinely caring.  Along with everyone else in our zone.  It's crazy how much we love the little things.  When i opened up those tennis balls it was like Christmas to everyone here!!!!!
Dad, that video is so sick!!! Its kinda crazy you sent me that because they just unlocked youtube last week!! oh and volleyball is the funnest game ever!! its soooo much fun and competitive!!! the rallies go on forever and there's some amazing talent.
The man who is the boss over all the teachers sat in on one of our 4 hour lessons.  He didn't say a word and we had no idea who he was.  We had a great lesson. About 3/4 in spanish and 1/4 in english.  But at the very end we were about to leave and he told me and Elder Olsen to stay behind for a second.  He then went on to tell us how he couldn't believe how mature we were and how impressed he was that we could talk to well and behave so maturely already.  He said i sounded like a veteran and he knows that he'll never have to worry about us.  He then went on to chew our older district out for acting like they were in high school haha.  
Brother Monson is INSANE.  he knows EVERY scripture!! and he's all about the spirit of the law not the letter so when it comes to little rules and stuff he'e like... you know how to act so just do whats right.  for fun we'll just start reading a random scripture and he knows exactly where it is.  He is all about my Cole Haans, and he has a few pairs himself that are so sick!! But one thing he said really stuck with me.  He talks for hours and hours but he is so wise and smart your brain is about to explode after and i try and take everything in!! He talked about how Christ washed the feet of all His disciples.  He told us how in the scriptures He did it to be an example.  Then Brother Monson said that that is completely false.  He didn't do it to be an example but He did it because that is who He is!! That is the type of man He is!! His whole life and existence is devoted to serving others!!!! And that's how im striving to build my character! To do what's right because that's who i am!
Tell Christine Neeleman thank you so much!!!!! i wrote them a letter thanking them but i want you to tell her too! i hope all is doing well and pray that Reegs is doing good! I'll write you this week probably and i loved getting the Dear Elders!! those are the best!!!!!
estoy agradecido por ustedes y yo se que Jesucristo nos ama y quierre nos ser feliz:)
The Holy Ghost truly is the most wonderful thing in the world and im so grateful for it's influence! 
Hasta luego,

Elder Lamb

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