Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 5, 2013, WEEK #3

como estan??? This week has flown by!! not to much happened.  Half our zone left on Monday which sucked.  The big samoan and the lineman and the other elder really took us in and were so nice to us! Elder Maluia gave us a lava lava to remember him!! He really is the nicest person i know.  Every day i think gosh.. i wish i was in the field already and then I go to class and learn so much!! So i also realized I'm probably going to die in Argentina.  It's gonna be sooooooooo cold!!!! But i am so excited because of how unique a mission it is.
Part of the day we go and talk to members who volunteer to come and hear a message.  They might be struggling with a testimony on a principle or are just having a bad day and want to talk.  We talked with this native from Venezuela.  She was so nice! she moved here four years ago to go to school and raise her daughter here.  She was struggling financially and her daughter is pretty crazy. She was converted when she moved here but she's starting to lose hope.  I showed her the Galatians 5 scripture and talked about how we can't go through this life alone.  She also misses her family in Venezuela.  It was such an amazing experience.  I just comforted her and reassured her with the blessings God has promised us as long as we stay strong and endure to the end.  We ended up talking for an hour and she left a review with us.. She was so sweet and shared in the review how we completely answered her prayers and gave her the courage to endure to the end.  I LOVE SERVING!!!

I'm emailing earlier today because we get 16 new missionaries in our zone today. Oh ya. I was made a zone leader last week! It was sweet! A lot more responsibility but super chill.  We have to show the new kids the ropes. I'm way excited!! There are 12 new elders and 4 sisters. 
Oh i saw Wilson at the devotional last night! Looks the exact same from when he was 12 haha. He's a big boy! super nice!!!!! He's loving it already!

My spanish keeps improving.  Now I'm able to understand just about everything for the most part. Miss you all and pray every hour for your safety and peace and happiness.  Feel free to write me!!

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