Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Thursday, February 13, 2014


que pasa mi familia!:)  well this week has been one to remember in the MTC.  We received 12 new elders and 4 new sisters to our zone.  And let me tell you...i've never seen so many weak minds!! haha all the sisters are great and are learning so much!! But the elders... i mean you're allowed to be homesick but these guys are taking it to the extremes!  So they came in last week on Wednesday and we're moping around and feeling bad for themselves so saturday night i called everyone to come over to our apartment.  We had 20 elders in our apartment and i wanted to hear why every single missionary came on a mission.  It was AMAZING!! one of the elders was an atheist!! he was at his house one night and he could hear something in the other room.  It was his brother.  His brother had been denied to go on a mission because some choices but his testimony was strong and he was praying that his brother would not fall in his footsteps.  He was pleading with the Lord that his brother would go on a mission.  So this elder heard his brother praying for him and instantly he was converted.  Read the Book of Mormon and got his life on track to serve a mission.  Another Elder said.. "honestly i'm just here for my girlfriend"  and i was just like alright.. well good luck with that.  After every single person shared their conversion story and why they were on their missions i shared mine.  I talked about everything and i felt like i needed to!  I also talked about my first week and how Reegan was in the hospital and how hard that was.  But being mentally weak is just not an option!!  I told them to write in their journals that night what they shared and use that for strength!  The spirit was so strong and it's crazy how much i love these new missionaries and it's crazy how much they look up to me.  When they were leaving our apartment Elder ?, this red haired football player from Dixie, pulled me aside and asked if we could talk.  He graduated early and is supposed to be a senior right now.  He hasn't gone a day without his family so he was struggling big time.  He told me that right before the meeting he wrote home to his girlfriend and his parents saying that he couldn't do it and he wanted to go home! He said my testimony changed everything and he has no desire to go home anymore.  He is now like a little brother but Gunner is 10000000 times tighter than this homie.  He legit won't leave my hip! haha

Spiritual thoughts of the week:
I have a strong testimony now of being a man of action! it's not enough to have a testimony.  Only relying on your testimony will lead to inactivity.  I need to show my works.  I need to be converted unto the Lord! I have shared D&C 18:10 a lot to investigators here and then just recently i was thinking to myself.. How? How could the worth of every soul be great in the eyes of the Lord? There are so many evil people out there.  Then it just hit me.  It's because he SERVED EVERYONE!!! You will develop a love for those you serve and when he suffered the greatest act of service heavenly possibly i can see now how he loves EVERYONE!! I am so beyond grateful for that act of unconditional love and service.  I want to devote my life to service and always helping others in some way.  So dad,  i am sorry for any time i complained about helping someone move or mowing the lawn or anything!!! I have definitely repented of that and only want to serve!
I want some ties though!! My old ones! especially paisleys!!! Por favor!!:) i guess i don't need my glove anymore.  An elder that just left for Mexico pitched for Weber and might go to UVU when he gets back and we did a whole infield outfield with a tennis ball one day.  Haha i sure do miss it.
Oh my goodness i almost forgot the most terrible experience this week.  So on Sunday we went to lunch in between meetings and it was pouring outside! Of course i'm wearing my Cole Haans and my blue suit and favorite tie because it's sunday.  Well we had like 5 minutes to get to the meeting and i didn't want to get wet so i started running to class.  So i'm racing through a little sidewalk path that has a mud hill on both sides.  I turn a corner and two hermanas (the cutest 2 not that i'm looking) took up the whole path.  I tried to run up the side of the hill to pass them but of course my shoes have ZERO traction so i went tumblin! I should have just stood up but i treated it like i dove for a ball in baseball and rolled out of it! Without missing a step i just took off for the apartment to change! i jumped every fence i could and took off towards my apartment! changed within like a minute and i was on time to the next meeting in my grey suit.  Took the blue one to get dry cleaned today.  haha it was so embarrassing.  Everyone thought i did it on purpose because of how fast everything happened!
Send me pictures!!!!!:):)
love you all!! tell me how your week has been!!
Can't wait to get to the field!!

Elder Lamb
(Me with cousin Wilson Lamb & Elder Olsen with his cousin) 
"Hermana's Brons on left and Browning on right! Left this past monday. way chill!"

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