Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 22, 2014- Didn't See That One Coming!

Didn't See That One Coming......

FAMILY!! What is up?? S/o to mom for consistently writing me! I love you!!:) Everyone else in the fam...come on now..don't be getting lazy on me!

So this week has been a little bit interesting.  Last week I wrote you guys about all the miracles that have been happening right!? So God works in mysterious ways and well..I'm not in the area of Constituyentes anymore.

I received a call from President Rogers Monday in the afternoon after I e-mailed and was just on cloud 9 and he said Elder Lamb, I need your help.  I said ok President what do you need and he told me that he needed me to be the Secretary of the mission.  My heart dropped and I couldn't respond quick but eventually I was able to mumble, "yes sir", and he said he would see me in his office 9 o'clock the next morning on Tuesday.  I honestly just started crying.  The office was the LAST place I ever wanted to be on my mission.  So I went in to his office Tuesday morning and he pulled me in for an interview.  We talked about family and stuff for a second and then he asked how I felt about coming to the office.  I was honest with him and told him "President,  I'm not gonna lie..this is the last place I want to be right now."  He looked at me and said..."That's exactly why you're here Elder Lamb." 

Super confused he went on to tell me that he needed somebody responsible that works crazy hard and would hate being in the office all day.  He told me it was my challenge to get all the missionary visa, documents, passports, bus and plane tickets, and about 20 more things done and still be able to leave the office and work.  He wants to change the whole office around and it's starting now.  I told him he'd have no problem and that I'm here to work and not sit around.  He kept laughing and told me he's only heard about how hard I work and knew that I had to be in this position. 

Sooooooo this is definitely new.  I am SO BUSY all the time! But it really makes me take advantage of being able to talk to everyone I see in the street because that time is so limited.  

Well, my Comp is Elder Nelson and I couldn't be more pumped about that.  He went to Lone Peak but moved to Cali when we moved to Utah! We know all the same people and are already just best friends.  All Elder Nelson wants to do is work as well.  Even if all we have is 5 minutes to spare we run outside and try and find people to talk to.  Our goal is to get a baptism in the office so we just have to plan super well and find somebody ready!!!  Yes...we're going to need your prayers.  This is going to be hard.. but like Zig said.. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!!

I'm excited for this challenge.  It's going to be extremely hard to make sure around 200 missionaries are legal and to plan all their transportation all in spanish but it's all good.. Thank you for all your prayers and support!!!!  Read the words of God that have been preserved for our day!!:):)  Alma 38:5.. the scripture dad shared with me the day I went into the MTC.  We just need to put our trust in God and he will support us in our troubles and afflictions.  By putting our trust in Him we need to show Him that we love Him and that is by turning our lives over to Him.  I'm learning more and more everyday and I am so grateful for this opportunity. 
Elder Lamb

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