Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2014-Soy de Boca


Whats good!!!!! Another crazy week in the office! Well first off I want to see pictures of the Florida trip sooo DALE!! second of all.. I'm so grateful for the priesthood!

We were able to give three blessings this week due to sickness and they were all just amazing!!
And Elder Hodgson and I hit a year in the mission so we burned a shirt (i found an old shirt in the apartment) :) it was hilarious because Elder Hodgson thought we were gonna go to jail if anyone saw haha it was a good time
Yesterday was so cool... We went to church..then we had lunch with an inactive family that loves us (Family Tapia!). They are so cool! They have a daughter on the mission who is 32 years old!!  Well we had a bomb lesson after we ate about priorities and our testimony and how valuable it is..

After we left the Tapia's then we went to give sacrament to Hermano Perez and his wife.. they live on a sketchy hillside in a little tiny house and he´s blind and she is just a saint! but goodness what a testimony he has! He hasn´t been blind his whole life... he's older now and just chills at home but can't really do anything and it is sooo sad! I can't imagine being able to see everything one day but then the next not be able to see everything!  Super inspirational man.  Hermano Perez told us how he has never been mad at God for what has happened.. He knows that this is all part of the plan and why not make the best of it? When he bore his testimony I almost lost it.. seriously love them soooooo much!! And there so grateful that we come every week to give them the sacrament but it's really us that are so thankful we have to opportunity to do it! 

 After we left there house just high on the spirit we were walking and saw this lady across the road picking weeds with a neck brace.. we ran over in our suits and offered our help.. of course she said no it's all good like everybody else but I wasn't going to let this lady pick these weeds by herself... so I just let my comps talk to her and I went so hard in the weeds and it just so happened to rain the night before so it was perfect to pick them.. Turns out she had been praying and we came running up.. she's having family problems.. we're going to go teach her this week and we have lunch!! She kept calling us angels haha it was awesome!
 Being secretary sure makes me appreciate all the times to leave and teach or help someone so I'm extremely happy that we found some time to leave and teach!!! This week is the last week of the transfer and I'm out of here!!! so excited too just devote everything to working! it has been nice helping out all the missionaries be legal and President with everything but I'm more than excited to pass that off!
Pray that I won't go crazy doing all the transfers for the last time haha this week is going to be CRAZY!! and I have to teach homeboy Elder Miranda everything I do so I'm praying for patience;) naw it'll be great!!
I'll send some photos! 
Thank you for all the prayers and support! OH HUGE S/O to the ward for hooking it up with a package! I got some letters from little primary kids that made my life and a couple from the Don and Jackie!! Tell them thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! The koolaid was too prime and all the candy and post it notes!! and a fruity smelly pen!!!! tightest pen ever!!!!!

Love you all!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MOM!! hopefully your letter will get there this week!! 

Elder Lamb

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