Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014-Milagros!

What's good everyone?

This week was pretty chaotic and unsure.  We had transfers last monday
so Tres's companion left our area and Tres´s new companion forgot his
passport so he had to wait like 5 days in the mission home haha.  But
that meant that Tres was with us all week.  If you don´t know Tres and
I are cousins and the chances of us serving in the same country are
pretty small but let alone the same mission/zone/area/companions is
insane!  It was so much fun.  We could actually have fun and still
work way hard and I loved it.  He was in our area for a couple days
and we went to his area for a couple days.

More great news.  I weigh 180 pounds.  Like where was this during
baseball goodness.

I don´t have too much to say this week though.  On Saturday we did
service for this family in our ward and one of the sons is 19 and an
investigator.  His names Ezequil.  Way hard worker and super nice.
He´s married and has twin daughters that are like the Argentine
version of June and Ruby!! So cute!  Well we took off their whole roof
and added an extension to their house which was literally twice the
size as the house to start.  I was sick to my stomach building it
because it was just too jimmy rigged haha.  We have plywood as walls
and blankets blocking wind.  I welded the roof together with just
scraps of metal he could find lying around.  Super sketch haha but
it'll be alright.

Now for the subject line "Milagros."  Milagro means miracle.
Yesterday in church we were introduced to two women in our area that
weren´t members but had friends that were members that brought them to
church.  haha and guess what their names are!!  Milagro!! haha so
ironic and such a blessing!!! So i also found out just how little
baptisms our mission gets and it´s because our investigators have to
attend church three times before they are baptized.  Our mission only
had 9 in the whole month!  Pretty much they have to become fully
converted before they are baptized which makes sense because we have
enough menos activos running around.  My goal is to leave this area
with more people attending church than before and yesterday was a huge
blessing for us.

Oh and I thought Eli like died or something.  He's emailing my other
email.....come on now Eli.. wake up bro.

S/o to AF for whoopin on LP on puttin them in their place:)
S/o to english haha literally so grateful this is my first language!!
I love spanish but english is so important to have!

Love you all and this truly is the only true church on the Earth
today.  I wouldn´t be at the end of the world if it wasn't.  Thanks
for all the support!

Oh i also had one of the best meals of my life this week.  We had so
many chrizos on Saturday.  Like i probably had 7....toooo goooooooood.
Definitely something we'll be eating when I get back.

con amor,
Elder Lamb

PS. Momma!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!   im not kidding when i tell you
this!!! No one believes you are my mom when i show them the photos of
the family!!  And dad as well!! they always ask where my parents are
when i show them a piture of the family or just say aww todo hermanos.
like all your siblings! its awesome!  miss you guys a ton!  I miss
just hanging out and going out to eat.  I am learning how to do so
many things out here so thats awesome!! love you all!!! I will cook
and and grill so much when i get back!! Reegan! Emma West told me she
taught youre class and she loves you! Mccall said she was so happy
when you went up and hugged her in St. George!

Cooking on the Easy Bake Oven with Tres (Elder Tarwater)

Tres was not too happy with our area when he realized we didnt have
any pavement haha

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