Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 7, 2014

How´s everyone doing?

Sometimes i´ll be walking in the street and just be like oh ya.. I´m a
missionary for La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos
Días and then I just get even more motivated to go out and work.  Just
that simple reminder that my full time job is to talk to people and to
invite them to eternal salvation is pretty sick.

This week has been a lot of ups and downs.  We had 3 baptisms lined up
this week but none of them came to conference so that was a bummer.
They are all solid though so next week we should for sure have some.

Conference was amazing!!! It was kinda different that I actually heard
every word this time around because usually we had sports and stuff
during the Saturday session.  I am so grateful we were able to see all
sessions.  Not gonna lie though, conference was a lot better at home
chillin on the couch with the family rather than listening to it in
spanish and then trying to read the english subtitles while still
trying to take notes on top of being starving! haha

We were blessed with some amazing contacts this week. Atleast 3 we can
see as being baptized very soon.  I was so happy when Elder L. Tom
Perry talked about how the common conception is to make everything
more complex when what we should really be doing is making it more
simple.  Our biggest points we hit when we teach a Catholic is the
Apostocia, priesthood authority, and baptism.  This past week we were
able to teach this lady that was catholic and her husband is inactive
and it was so spiritual.  Their house was so small that i had to stand
up and the husband sat on the floor.  They have just enough room for a
mattress and when they´re not sleeping they leave it on top of the
house.  Of course they have a flat screen and a Playstation though
like everyone else haha.  But i just made the gospel very simple.  I
told her why I am at the end of the world and that our church is very
new.  You can teach lessons all day but always the best spiritual
moments are when we stray from the lessons and just make what we
taught personal and simple.

Yesterday the most amazing missionary returned to his home with honor.
Elder Julcawonka de Peru.  Sooooo sick.  He has taught me so much
living in the same pension as him.  We had a lot of fun our last few
days and he worked his butt off all the way home as well.

I loved Elder Holland´s talk about how we are going to suffer
persecution and then he made it known that "IT IS WORTH IT." How true
is that!!
I also loved what Elder Neil L. Andersen said that as the world
changes its views and standards.."we do not!"

I loved the story President Eyring gave about his great grandfather
and the missions he served.  I´m only serving for two years and then
the plaque is off.  Why wouldn´t I work as hard as I can now?  His
great grandfather walked from Missouri to Utah to be released and then
to find out he was going to serve many more years.  That dedication is
Interesting fact- Elder Richard G. Scott translates his own talk to spanish!

Like mom said President Uchtdorf´s talk nailed it.  We need to be
grateful for the circumstances we are in.  And when he siad that our
gospel provides no true endings, only everlasting beginnings.

We had traslado´s yesterday and I am with Elder Salas for another
transfer. I´m gonna try harder to have more patience with him.  I
can´t blame him.  This is legit the first time he has had to really
grind and work and he is a good missionary.

Something kinda funny- All the gringos were all in one room of the
chapel surrounding a small TV for conference and the last session
Elder Tarwater and Chavvarria came right as the closing prayer was
being said.  They were like oh are they starting early and of course i
was like ya you´re right on time sit down.  Then after the prayer the
TV showed everyone in conference start to stand up just as Tres was
sitting down.  He was like why's everyone standing up. haha they
thought conference started at 7! Little stuff like that makes a
difference out here! haha

Oh! one more thing! this girl who i sat two people away from on the
plane ride from Georgia to Buenas Aires emailed me today!  I gave her
a pass along card with my email on it.  IDK how but she found my blog
and loved it! So huge S/O to mom for doing that.  She emailed me and
asked how i was doing and was impressed that i would leave my family
for 2 years for this.  What a blessing that is! This Church is so
simple and true! Just do what is right and let the consequences

Sorry for writing a novel.  Con amor ,
Elder Lamb :)

Brockton and Elder Julcawonka from Peru

Monkeying around

Brockton and investigators dog that followed him home

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