Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2012- Pascuas!

So sad, this 80 year old man without a dime in his pocket and no food
goes around and asks for scrap wood to stay warm.  We´ve been trying
to do the most we can for him.  Super funny guy and he honestly cuts
his own wood if we're not there.  Crazy!

Starting to need a haircut.

Whaddup everyone!! This week has been so sick and of course everything
is perfect until Sunday then it's just nervous breakdown for your
investigators to come to church.  I honestly want to go to all there
houses and wake them up!!! haha

So this week was great because we were able to focus a lot on pascuas
(Easter). It was great!  This one lady was just standing in the middle
of this pasture doing nothing carrying two large grocery bags.  It was
freezing so i asked if she needed help with anything and then we
started talking to her. Her names Brigida. We talked to her for like
15 minutes about Peru and her family because that's where she's from
then she opened her phone and boom! A picture of her when she was
baptized! haha We were like what the heck? She´s in our area and was
baptized and we had no idea who she was.  We went over to teach her
and she had a friend over.  We started teaching both of them focusing
on her friend and now he has a baptismal date.  Pretty awesome.  We
taught this other lady as well that has a bunch of little kids and we
were able to set a date for her to be baptized as well. The chances of
her attending church three times are pretty slim but we've gotten
pretty creative.  We now just tell them we'll pass by with a member of
our ward on Sunday to pick them up.  We just tell them instead of
asking if they could possibly make it.

So Ramón went from being a crazy drunk a month ago to now teaching in
church and gave a talk yesterday.  We were able to get 4 of our
investigator´s to church yesterday which was unreal!!! But bittersweet
because Tomas the Dominicana only needs to come one more time to
church and we thought yesterday he was for suuuuuure going to come.
Well he didn't and his baptism is pushed back another week.  But his
girlfriend came which was a huge surprise because she didn't want
anything to do with us, so it seemed, but she liked it and now we'll
focus on her as well.

The ward is bomb.  We have lunch every day now permanently scheduled
at members houses.  SO MUCH MEAT PASTA AND BREAD IT´S INSANE.  Turns
out the only english the kids in the street know is the f word and
mother haha and it's all in a British accent.  The teachers at the
school here don´t know how to speak english.  They just press play on
the computer and the kids learn british english.  It's hilarious
trying to see them say words like murder and ward.

Something kinda funny..this guy needed to write my first name on this
formum and I warned him it was difficult.  Well he spelt Brockton.
"Praoten".  I mean i thought Mcd's was bad with the names.

So ya a lot more happened but I've already written a novel.
Interesting fact-- the day we moved out of our pension to the other
one the two elders that stayed in the old pension were robbed and then
they were robbed again three days later.  oh and yesterday we were
walking to church and this building has sirens going off.  Then we saw
a chubby teenager run out of the building with a computer.... so that
was weird. The mouse was dragging on the dirt and everything. haha the
police were on it though.

I love telling people the significance of this week.  Jesus Christ
lives!! He already paid the price for all of us.  He already suffered!
All we need to do is use the atonement!  Life's good at the end of
the world!  This week we go to the most southern tip for a meeting.
Pretty stoked.

Love you all.  Oh and i definitely missed searching for my Easter
basket!  No doubt i would have been the first to find it.

Elder Lamb

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