Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 11, 2014- There is no education like adversity

(i was given a quote book and i like that one by Benjamin Disraeli)
FAMILY!! Long time no see huh? Wow this week has flown by!!  On Monday we played soccer on a turf field which was too much fun. Literally gonna come back and head straight to Russia for the next world cup reppin USA. It's so much fun!! We always play Americans vs. Latinos and we spank them every time and we sure let them know it!  Guess what?  Remember Elder Chavarria?  He was Tres's old comp in Rio Grande.  He's from Atlanta, Georgia.  He was on the team of the first championship the gringos had over the Latinos.  Well he's my new comp!!  I was BEYOND happy!  He gets here today!  Craziest thing too.. He had a dream 3 days before we found out about transfers that him and I were going to be comps! Crazy! Well we have already set some very high goals this transfer so we're gonna go to work!!

 We found this amazing kid Alexis through contacting.  We found him a couple weeks ago but this week we were able to really get to know him and his family.  We invited him to ward family home evening and he came!  And his parents even drove us because it's pretty way sketchy where they live.  Then we invited him to a baptism in our zone on Saturday and he came to that as well with full support from his parents.  And again his parents drove us!  It was far too.... Literally they have helped us more than any of the members except Castros and course who live in front of us.
So miracle of the week.. Elder Garcia and I were contacting and we've contacted the majority of our area so far but we were walking and we came upon a street that we'd already contacted but I said "well let's contact it again because there's usually always someone new or they just didn't answer the door the last time".  These two women were walking out of a house to enter their car.  I was tired of clapping to houses and not receiving a response so I walked over to these older women and said I know they were leaving but we'd love to present ourselves and tell you about a plan that God has for us.  They were in a hurry but one of the ladies stopped for a second.. Took a deep breath.. Then with a sad look said she is a member and she wants us to come back an teach the lessons to her son who is 10 because she wants to return back to church and she wants her son to receive the lessons and be baptized.

My testimony grew so much more of just talking to everyone and contacting.  I have been studying a lot about virtue and wow it's a hard attribute to have but I'm striving to be more virtuous and already I have so much more peace and happiness.  It's also helping me so much to look at people not as they are but what they can become. I love being a missionary.  We were giving a blessing and I couldn't help smiling because I was thinking about how AMAZING it is that we have the privilege to have the authority of God to be able to help and administer at any time or place. 
So happy Zig is out here!!!

oh ya we lost power this week...that was fun waking up and trying to shower and get ready when it was pitch dark.. but it's back on.. all good:) 

LOVE YOU GUYS!! have a great week!!!

Elder LeBaron paying me 10 pesos because he wanted a certain card while playing phase 10 but it was my turn but he just really wanted the card.. haha he offered and I took it!!

Poundin some hot dogs and a burger. A member canceled lunch and since that's very rare I went all out! Great break from all the pasta and fat.
Susana!  She was just baptized 2 weeks ago and invited all the missionaries in our zone over to her house.  She rents out a turf field and that's the one we played on.  We brought a cake to share with everyone.  A member in our ward made it.  The beanie I'm reppin was made by the nicest sweetest tightest grandma ever.  She's the one we live behind and they always hook us up with food and stuff she knits!! 

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