Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 28, 2104- WHAT UP!!:)

What up!!:)

Whaddup fam?:)  how's everything going??:) let me know!!!
So this past week has been unreal!! The Torres family were married Friday morning and baptized that same afternoon just like we planned! I'm still stunned it all worked out.. Usually there's always something the government here does to prolong the process even more. Or the family backs out or just something happens but nope it all went perfectly! It was so spiritual to hear brother Torres share his testimony with everyone after the baptism and say that this was only the first step and they are already counting the days till they can go to the temple next year!!:)
So I'm super illegal here so they have to send me on a 15 hour bus ride to Rio Gallegos tomorrow to do paperwork then I'm coming right back. Not to excited about that. 
Feeling great now.  Also cut my hair yesterday.. I don't know why I just always will hate cutting my hair.  Oh and I've been asked multiple times if I paint my hair or dye it and I'm just like ummm neck yourself and then think about it. The kids here are insane.  Imagine sacrament meeting with all the kids ages 6 and younger screaming and running and nobody does anything. Super tempting to trip one of them to teach them a lesson haha. Naw the wards great! Everyone is super nice and they truly try to welcome new people to make them feel comfortable. 

I've been studying a lot about our Savior recently and I came across section 138 of the doctrine and covenants. It is a vision given to Joseph F. Smith in 1918 the day before general conference and it is about the 3 days after the Crucifixion of Jesus before he was resurrected. He was ministering among the dead in the spirit world. He was teaching and sharing the complete gospel with them and he sent messengers to help him teach such as Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Isaiah an many others. Then it talks about how there were spirits "reserved" to come down in the last dispensation such as Joseph Smith an Brigham Young. It made me think about the worth of souls and how great this work is.  Missionary work will not stop at death. It is going to grow and grow and keep growing till everyone has the opportunity to hear and to choose. I am so grateful for our savior Jesus Christ.  Because of Him we can live with our families forever. Because of Him we can overcome death.

I hope everyone has a great week:):) S/o to Ziggy for entering the MTC this week! Don't get fat! haha dang i miss that food so much!
I kinda fixed my camera.  Here are a few pictures.

                                                               Cutest puppies

                                                            Comodro Rivadavia

Pictures of the Torres family

 Taking a picture of a bunch of missionaries and little kids is basically impossible.  A lady in our ward made the cake and said she is going to make one for all the missionaries in our zone next P day so that's dope!! 

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