Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Friday, October 23, 2015

October 22, 2015 - Socorrer a los de su pueblo!!!

Socorrer a los de su pueblo!!!

This has been this busiest week ever!!!

Sorry for not writing!  We went from Comodoro to Rio Gallegos to Rio Grande to Toulhuin to Ushuaia back to Rio Gallegos and now heading back to Comodoro today...all that in a week and 2 days!!  

So awesome being able to see my families back in Rio Grande!!!!! That's where I started and to be able to go back and visit the families that really made me feel like family right when I came to the mission was very special for me!  I wanted to see around 15 families and they were ALL home!!! and I didn't tell anyone I was coming so it was just a big surprise! haha 

Some tears were definitely shed this past week!  I can not describe the happiness level I had when I saw these amazing families that took me in!!! I can't even imagine what it'll be like when I see you guys again after 2 years!! 

I have had the opportunity to sit individually with every companionship in the mission and see how they teach.  It has been the most amazing experience! My main focus is to get the missionaries to really teach the people and not just teach lessons.  The way we can do that is by asking questions to really find their need.  So while I'm with every companionship we do a practice. I say I am Mateo.. I love my wife and kids and I recently moved across the country because of work.  What the missionaries have to do is find my need.. They have to ask questions and gain my trust so that I'll open up.  I would love to talk more about this but I don't have much time so remind me about it when I get home! Bottom line is that my "need" is that Mateo doesn´t understand why bad things happen to good people.. referring to his little daughter who was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago and for that reason they had to move to be able to buy all the insulin and treatments.  But the only way the missionaries can help me is if they find my need! 

The practice story is super close to home and some of these missionaries are killing me with the spirit.. they are making me think about why bad things happen to good people who don't deserve it in a way that I have never thought and I want to share them with you guys when I get home! After we finish the practice we talk about what they did good and what they could have done better and then I thank them and show them a picture of Reegan and mom.  The little family and girl in the practice was our fam and Reegan and I will NEVER forget this experience!  Remind me to tell y'all when I get home!!! 

I am FOREVER grateful for our savior Jesus Christ.  Not just because he came and redeemed us from our sins but because he came and suffered for our pains and sicknesses and every trial that we will ever go through... He also overcome death which gives us ALL hope of a brighter future.  Trials are but a measure of time...but after this life we have FOREVER to live in a perfect state of happiness and peace:)

Thank you for everything!!! Ill send more pics when I get to Comodoro!!! 
Elder Lamb

pics.. This is family Trujillo! One of my fav fams in Rio Grande that would do ANYTHING for me!! 

This is a pic of the cutest little twins! When i was here a year and a half ago they couldn't even walk and now they're running and talking and its so crazy to see how they have changed so much!!! 

Me and Elder Franco going to ushuaia and then me in ushuaia.. such a beautiful place!! 

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