Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Holy cow I can't believe all that crazy stuff with the cement trucks and the power lines went down after I talked to you guys! I'm so glad everything is alright! That's fine Reegan's room doesn't have power... hopefully her phone dies and she can't charge it.. haha

YOU WENT TO AN ALAN JACKSON CONCERT!! and you say it like it's a small thing! I would do anything to go to one of his concerts..don't tell me he sang Chattahoochee?! or Country Boy? Livin on Love?  any of his old stuff??

 So about 3 months ago my old companion and I were contacting and we talked to this 14 yr old outside his house.. he told us he used to be a member and he knows all the youth in the branch.. my comp and I were stunned.. we started talking to him and asking him why they stopped going to church when his mom came out of the house and started talking to us.. she told us she knows exactly what we're doing and that she herself served a mission and the only reason she came out of the house was to save her son and bring him inside. Our jaws dropped and immediately we questioned what had happened.  She told us her husband as well served a mission but now they were going to an Evangelist church...It felt like I got hit in the gut by one of Willis`s monster swings... 

I couldn't believe that a couple where both the husband and wife served missions..were sealed in the temple...magnified their callings in the church..and then in their 40`s left the church completely.  We tried talking to her and tried to help her realize what she was missing. She didn't want any of it.. 

The couple got offended because the husband was sick and nobody from the branch came to visit them so they starting going to a different church.  I remember leaving the house that day over 3 months ago with tears in my eyes.. I had never seen something like that. It was extremely sad. Well two weeks ago that same lady passed away from cancer. That sadness that hit me when I was talking to her hit me 1000 times harder when I found out she passed away because we never went back to try and change her heart.  To at least offer them the chance of returning. 

Yesterday we went over to the husbands house with some members from the branch and taught him about our Savior. I told him directly that there's not anyone that can have compassion for what him and his family are going through. Then we shared with him Alma 7: 11-12 and about how Jesus Christ was going to come to the world to take upon himself the sins, pains, and sicknesses of the world so that he would know how to succor his people.  He did it all for us.. So that we would NEVER have to be alone.. he knows exactly how we feel and He conquered the death.. He conquered the pains and sufferings and through Him we know that we can too if we put our trust in Him.  He is the only one that can fell compassion! The husband wants to return to the church and he told us he never forgot the truth the he found and shared as a missionary.  Pray for Rogelio Sosa!! 

On a happier note the temple of Córdoba Argentina was dedicated yesterday and we were able to watch it in our church building.  There are now 2 temples in Argentina and it makes me want a temple here in the Patagonis soooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!! These people need the blessings of sealing their families together forever!!! President Uchtdorf did the dedications and was accompanied by our boy Elder D Todd Christofferson as well as the area 70. The culture part on Saturday was sooo cool! Argentina really does have an awesome culture!! 

Everything is amazing!! We're thinking that I probably only have 2 more weeks here in Puerto Madryn so we're trying to just go so hard right now finding and teaching! Thank you for the prayers and support! Have a great week and be grateful for Mcds and Taco Bell!!

Elder Lamb

Elder Erickson and Elder Crowley jumped on board the fannypack life and recently gave testament that they could never go back..powerful stuff.. #makesmeproud

Family Castillo.. we found them contacting and we had taco night and they want to hear more and the kids want to get baptized! A family of 9!! I don't want to leave.. :(

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