Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 - #CUPCAKESSSS

Fam bam... whats good? 
This week was another great week out here in the mud and the rain!  

My comp and I were pumped that we didn't have to do too much stuff other than workin in our area.. We met some AMAZING people this week.  We walked to the back of our area that's touching the coast and contacted for days! If I've learned one thing out here it's saying what the people want to hear in order to get in a house! 

Miracle!! So it was so cold and we were contacting in the back of our area here where its completely dark and we saw this nicer cement house.. We clapped outside of the house and of course this dog was barkin at our heels.. it's always awkward trying to talk to someone.. them wondering why the heck two gringos are at their house and all this time a dog barking like crazy.. usually when this happens they shake their head and shut the door... but this man told us to come in as soon as he opened the door.  My comp and I looked at each other and he asked me.. "is he talking about us or the dog?" haha - we hesitated then the man looked at us this time and told us to come in.  

We went in and we met an amazing young family with two young children. It was even the husband's birthday and the wife made him cupcakes!! She made legit cupcakes!!!  With frosting!!  and she gave us two!!!  We were freaking out!!  We got to know them and we set another lesson for today! So excited!!

We also were able to meet with Carolina who is a recent convert.  She is an ony child and her parents are super supportive of her decision to be baptized.  The parents have a Book of Mormon and the mom has the Gospel Principles book.. well she has been reading the Gospel Principles book and she loves it.. She read the section of honestly and put what she learned to practice and resolved problems that she had with her neighbors!  Our lesson yesterday was amazing! We were able to testify of the restoration and put the pieces together of the doubts that they had.  They were so happy to hear that we have a prophet today that has his 12 apostles that hold the keys of the Church of Jesus Christ, the same that He established when He came to this world!!  We put a goal for them to be baptized the 22 of August!  
the people are prepared...and if we don't talk with everyone we are taking away the answers to someones prayers... 

SHARE this gospel! Give a Book of Mormon to a friend or neighbor! "Make someones day" - Big Dan


I LOVE sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support.. they are felt!!!
Con amor,

Elder Lamb

ps.I'll send pics in a minute!!

pps. I don't think you all realize how big of a shock everything first world will be to me.. literally if ANYBODY here even has a little bit of grass we just stare at it.. I have never seen a dishwasher here... never have seen a dryer.. I've seen one sprinkler other than what the churches use! so crazy! so when I get home we cant be using iphones and stuff!  haha my head will explode!

love you so much!! keep sendin pics of whats goin on! 
the compu wont read my camera so i have to wait till next week to send the pics! sorry!! 

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