Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Wowskies..... just best week of my life!! I seem to have had a ton of those on the mish. 

So this week we still had to run around everywhere because half our zone is super sick but we really wanted to work hard and talk with everyone!  The people are so amazing here in Rio Gallegos... I don't know if it's because they like what they here when we knock on their door and they let us in or it's just because they feel bad for two homies shaking outside their house but we entered into 8 new houses this week.  Every day this week we went out thinking we were going to contact for hours every day but this first couple doors we knocked every day let us right in and listened to us and every day someone different accepted a baptismal date! (also NEVER happens). These people are so prepared!!  There are 2 experiences that were beyond amazing for me.  

The first was Orlando.. We just knocked on a random house and this man answered the door and all we did was introduce ourslves and he asked if we would like to come in...(that NEVER happens).  So we talked about his likes and his background and eventually taught him the Restoration.  We asked him if he had ever prayed before and he said no.. so we taught him how to pray and asked him if he could give the closing prayer. Teaching people how to pray is very common but for some reason the spirit was so strongg this time and during his prayer it hit me hard that this humble argentine man that recently moved to this city, being about 40 years old, was talking to his Father in Heaven for the first time in his life.  It was a small moment of heaven.. This man said the most sincere prayer I have ever heard all in about 45 seconds.  

Then sunday night we were walking and one of our citas fell so we were going to contact for the 1 hour and a half till we had to start heading home.  The second door we contacted let us right in and the house just reaked of marijuana and tobacco.  It was a young hippie couple that had Bob Marley all over the walls with abstract weird drawings and a weed movie posters on the wall.  My comp and I looked at each other and just thought what the heck did we just walk into. We talked about a ton of stuff from family to tobacco to politics to that good kush.   They thought it was crazy I came from the states and asked us our purpose in coming here..BOOM.. we started teaching and chatting. They are both extremely inteligent and were taking it very seriously.  We set up the apostocy so well and they were asking so many questions.. to the point where the husband said.. "well, I was baptized catholic and no one gave them the authority to baptize..I want to be baptized by someone like John the Baptist who has the authority the same way Jesus was.. how can I do that!?" BEST QUESTION EVER!!  We taught them the restoration and they are sooo game! They marked on their week calendar the time of church on Sunday and are excited to prepare to be baptized the 1 of august. Word of Wisdom is gonna be a fun lesson but I honestly think they will love it because they know smokings bad but they don't have a reason to stop. Weez about to hit them up with one though!! 

Yesterday we went to see the largest glacier on EARTH! haha it doesn't sound that amazing... like a huge piece of ice.. but it was unreal!!  Seeing it.. you just can't deny that there is a God!!  We had a lot of fun.. it's a 5 hour drive away which seems like nothing now because of how big our mish is but the bus we rented for the 16 missionaries here kept dying so we all got our and pushed started it about 5 times, it was great.  HUGE tourist place so it was cool to find some people from San Diego there. Weird to have the little get to know you convos in english...haha super weird actually.  We drank some glacier water and had an amazing time and got back late last night.  

In an hour my comp and I are headed to Comodoro for a meeting tomorrow so it'll be anoth 12 hour bus ride there and 12 coming back tomorrow night.. fun stuff.. :) 

Goodnight I wrote a lot but I had such an amazing week!  There are so many people waiting to hear that the church has been restored and that we have a prophet today! Thank you for all the support! Love you all!

Elder Lamb

our dope district here!

The last pic was just straight memories.. se we had been trying to push start the bus for 15 minutes and all of us were panting and dying... then we grouped the elders up and asked for some help from the Man upstairs.. the next time we pushed we were all screaming and pushing with everything we had!! and guess what!!?? it started!!!! haha we were running and screamin!! good stuff... #prayerisreal!
and you can notice the hermanas cheerin us ion...inside the bus... jana 

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