Elder Brockton Lamb

Elder Brockton Lamb
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission
Jan 2014-Jan 2016

Sunday, July 26, 2015

June 22, 2015

Whats goooood?? I'm just living it up here freezing my butt off!! It's just a process for me to but on all my layers but so worth it.  This week has got to be one of the shortest weeks ever.  It just flew by! 

One of the things we decided in a conference with President is that our missionaries need to become better teachers.  We are worried that a lot of missionaries don't know how to teach that well so this past zone conference we spent the whole time trying to help their teaching skills.  I thought I was just going to teach but in reality I learned so much.  It helps my companion and I to really teach the doctrine clearly.  We were able to see the techniques that every missionary in the zone used and as a zone I really think we improved that day.  President taught us that we should be focusing more on the temple.  And that we could teach the temple with many other lessons.  Elder Caceres and I put that to the test when we taught our investigator Carlos about the authority and the priesthood of God along with the temples.  We taught it slow in a way that he could understand and really see the importance of both the priesthood and the temple.  He is about 60 years old and lived in a little house full of cockroaches.  Carlos was able to understand the importance and then accept a baptismal date.

We also taught Teresa.  She is about 65 years old and lives with her daughter and grandkids.  She just broke her hip and had surgery.  She has been a catholic her whole life and does the little chanting "gracias jesus" "si jesus" "haleluya" deal during the prayers.. pretty funny.  We also taught her in a way where she actually asked us... "Well then why are there so many churches in the world day..?"  BOOM!! My comp and I looked at each other and smiled.. What a great question.. and we have the answer!  We explained the apostasy and how important the priesthood is and it just makes sense!! She had already been baptized in the catholic church and in her own words she said.. "I was baptized because I had so much faith in God and in Jesus Christ but I have no idea if the pastor who baptized me had the authority." BOOM we talked about the authority line and she was so impressed our authority went back to the apostles and the Jesus Christ. She, very willingly, accepted a baptismal date, and in the closing prayer asked God if this was the path that she could go..without us even asking her..S/O to Teresa for being prepared and amazing.

Every time I teach my testimony is strengthened. Every time I testify I am cementing my testimony even that much more.  It's so amazing that we are able to help people so much physically with service and a smile but when we get to help people eternally is when we feel happiness that can not be measured.

I am doing great.  The branch here is AMAZING!! Our dueño is 84 i think and RUNS with us to lessons.  It's 2 degrees outside and he is running and laughing and ALWAYS making jokes. I'll send a pic next week with him.  He is my straight IDOL!  He'll just come over to our little house and chill with us at night and chow.  He has a brand new dodge suv sitting in his garage but he likes to walk and run so he doesn't feel the need to drive it.  Literally so funny.

People so nice and willing to help..We've been doing so much service and are seeing miracles.  I am so grateful to be a small part of this great work.  

Lost my camera cable so gonna have to wait till next week for pics:)

They put a subway in Rio Gallegos!!!! There are only two in the whole patagonia! It's not the same and they don't have any jalepeños so that's a joke but it's still so baller for here and it's literally like the only American food I've ever seen here so I'm too pumped:)

Love you all!!
Elder Lamb

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